30Mx15mm Heat Resistant High Temperature Insulation Electronics Polyimide Kapton Tape

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Kapton tape offers excellent resistance to heat, and it is designed to be used on a series of electric masks. Ideal for wave solders, circuit board insulation, and powder coating on high temperatures, the tape has a high dielectric strength.

Also great for insulating the Hotend on your 3D printer.

  • High temperature masking tape
  • Frequency conversion power supply in the electronics industry. Also use as perfect heat resistance ribbon on 3d printing, powder coating, etc
  • PCB protection during wave soldering
  • Insulation on transformers, motors and coils
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Solar panels


  • 100% new and high quality
  • Material: Polyimide
  • Color: Brown Metallic
  • Width: 3/5/8/10/15/20/25/30/35 / 40mm
  • Length: 30 M
  • Long term temperature: 260 ° C degrees
  • Short term temperature: 300 ° c.

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1 x 15mm Kapton Tape
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