78pcs Plastic Motor Gear Kit

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The product is for toy gear spare parts
Suitable for DIY model production.

Set Includes:

Single Gear: 10pcs (the maximum size is 482A)
Spindle Gear: 10pcs (the maximum size is 142A)
Double Gear: 14pcs (the maximum size is 46082A)
Belt Wheel: 7pcs (the biggest size is 242A)
Crown Gear: 10pcs (the maximum size is C323A)
Blue Motor Gear: 9pcs
Belt: 10pcs (individual repeat)
Axle Sleeve: 4pcs
Worm: 2pcs
Tooth Strip: 1pcs
Copper Teeth: 2pcs
Bevel Teeth: 1pcs

Package includes:

1 x 80Pcs Plastic Gear Set
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  • Model: gear set
  • Manufacturer: Generic