Energenie 2 x Remote Controlled Sockets with Pi-Mote (EU)

Energenie's Pi-mote Control board allows you control Energenie plug sockets from a Raspberry Pi!
R309.47  Inc VAT

Energenie’s range of energy saving devices are designed to help you save money and do your bit for the environment by enabling smart wireless control of electrical products such as wall sockets and lighting with the Raspberry Pi! Their range of Raspberry Pi add-on boards allows you to control and automate lighting, electrical and heating products and program your own home automation solution!

Energenie's Pi-mote Control board allows you control Energenie plug sockets from a Raspberry Pi! Whether you are a Pi newcomer, hacker, or Python sage, you will be able to control your electrical sockets within a range of up to 30 metres, through doors, walls and ceilings. This pack includes 1 x Pi-Mote control board, and 2 x remote switchable EU (CEE 7/4 Shuko Format) plug sockets! Plugs are control only sockets which can be switched on or off via the Raspberry Pi and the included control board.

The Pi-mote RF transmitter add-on board can be used with the Raspberry Pi to control up to 4 simple Energenie radio controlled sockets independently using a small software program. We have written a simple program in Python to allow users to switch the sockets on and off with a single keyboard press.


  • Product Code: ENER002-2PI-EUR
  • Includes 1 x RF Control Board & 2 x RF Controlled Power Sockets (EU 2 Pin)
  • Remote Control Plug Sockets via the Raspberry Pi


Product User Guide

GPIO Zero Example Usage

GPIO Zero Update Information

Software Download (Python Script)

  • Availability: 4
  • Model: AW C5 2 plugs + controller
  • Manufacturer: Energenie