Foil Copper Tape Single Sided Conductive Self Adhesive 6mm x10m

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Product name: Conductive copper foil tape
Material: CU
Colloidal components: Conductive adhesive
Adhesion: 1.5 ~ 1.3kg / 25mm
Temperature resistance: -10 ℃ --- 120 ℃
Elongation: 7-7% to 3-4%
Color: Copper
Length: Approx. 10m/393"
Width: Approx. 6mm/0.23"

-Single-sided conductive copper foil tape.
-Single-sided conductive, radiation, high temperature, interference, electrical conductivity and strong.
-Easy to tear, no adhesive residue, for a wide range of applications
-For electromagnetic radiation interference have better shielding effect, for electrostatic discharge have good grounding performance and also for soldering purposes.

Package Includes:
1x Copper foil tape
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  • Model: Copper tape 6mm
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