Creality3D Laser High-Power 1Pcs 12V Blue-Violet Light Laser Engraving With Focusing For 3D Printer

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The laser can work with the 12V printer, such as CR-10 CR-10S CR-10S4 CR-10S5 Ender-2 Ender-4, Software, and Instruction download:
The laser can't directly use to ender 3, while the Youtuber Garage Makezone modify and use it, below is the reference.

Wavelength: 405NM (Blue)

Power: correspondence course 500mW  

Operating voltage: 12V (DC)

Working current: 2100mA

Idemitsu form: dot

Lens Material: dedicated optical coated glass

Cooling: Forced air

Shell material: aluminum anodized black

Input: 2.1 / 5.5 DC seat

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  • Model: creality laser
  • Manufacturer: Creality