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We're pleased to introduce our new range of professional, fully injection moulded Raspberry Pi Zero cases!
R59.52  Inc VAT
This is HiFiBerry's smallest amplifier board
R432.76  Inc VAT
These VESA mounting brackets enable you to mount a oneninedesign Raspberry Pi 3 case to the back of a display or monitor using the VESA attachment points
R59.90  Inc VAT
Widely used in multi-axis, multi-axis tapping machines, lock screw machines, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, etc.
R348.03  Inc VAT
The Flirc Raspberry Pi case was designed to not only be functional for your Raspberry Pi, but to be drop dead gorgeous with built in heatsink.
R309.90  Inc VAT
Combining SD card and USB drive functionality, the WD PiDrive Foundation Edition is the ideal storage solution for Raspberry Pi.
R352.06  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Digital Ammeter LED Panel Meter 0-10A (AW 2A4 Digital Ammeter Panel 0-10A)

DC ammeter: 0-10A with reverse polarity protection
Power supply: DC4-30V
Measuring range: 0 - 10A
Measurement accuracy: ±0.1%
Refresh rate: about 200ms
Display: 0.56 inch digital tube
Color: Green display
Operating current: Less than 8mA
Operating temperature: -10°C to 65°C
Input impedance: 5mΩ
Overall dimension: 48 x 29 x 26mm

Package Included:

1 x 0.56 Inch digital ammeter
R116.01  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Multicomp Pi-BLOX Case - Black (AW C4 Pi-Blox black)

Please Note: Raspberry Pi and camera not included.

The Pi-Blox Lego® Compatible Case for Raspberry Pi and camera is a great addition to your Raspberry pi arsenal. This enclosure is not only a good way of protecting your Raspberry Pi board but it is fully compatible with the Lego® building block system!!

It stacks top and bottom (standard Lego® fixings on base and lid) and features all the necessary openings for connectors and ports and includes mounts for the Pi camera, which can be fitted inside of the case with holes in the lid for the camera lens and flash.

  • Designed for Raspberry Pi B+, Pi 2 or Pi3 and Pi Camera
  • Studs for construction blocks fitting on enclosure
  • All cut-outs are pre-cut into the case
  • I/O Connector accessed via slot in side of enclosure
  • Internal mount points for Pi camera
  • Camera lens and flash holes included
  • Gloss finish
R89.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Standoff brass M3x6+40 Hex Male to Female (AW 1A5 standoff M3x6+40MF)

Pic is for illustration purposes only
M3 Male 6mm x M3 Female 6mm M3 6+40 Brass Standoff Spacer

Pack of 4 including screws and nuts

These do not fit the Pi board itself that uses M2.5.
Use these standoffs for building custom cases and project enclosures.
R29.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: 433Mhz RF Transmitter With Receiver Kit For Arduino MCU Wireless (AW 2A3 tx rx board kit)
Pic is for reference purposes only. The transmitter does not have an onboard antenna anymore. We are waiting for updated pics.


This is a 433Mhz RF transmitter with receiver kit for Arduino ARM MCU wireless
Application environment:
Remote control switch, receiver module, motorcycles, automobile anti-theft products, home security products, electric doors, shutter doors, windows, remote control socket, remote control LED, remote audio remote control electric doors, garage door remote control, remote control retractable doors, remote volume gate, pan doors, remote control door opener, door closing device control system, remote control curtains, alarm host, alarm, remote control motorcycle remote control electric cars, remote control MP3.


Receiver module:
Product Model: XD-RF-5V
Operating voltage: DC5V
Quiescent Current: 4MA
Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ
Receiver sensitivity: -105DB

Product Model: XD-FST
Launch distance :20-200 meters (different voltage, different results)
Operating voltage :3.5-12V
Dimensions: 19 * 19mm
Operating mode: AM
Transfer rate: 4KB / S
Transmitting power: 10mW
Transmitting frequency: 433M
Pinout from left → right: (DATA; VCC; GND)

Package includes:

 1 x Receiver module
 1 x Transmitter

Configure and read a 433Mhz RF Transmitter With Receiver on the Raspberry Pi
R25.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: AC 125V 1A Mini SPDT Micro Switch Hinge Roller(2 units) (AW 1A5 micro switch roller(x2))

Poles: SPDT
Action Type: Momentary
Contact Type: 1NO + 1NC
Material: Plastic, Metal
Rated Load: AC 1A 125V
Lever Size (Approx.): 13 x 4mm/0.5" x 0.2"(L*W)
Pin Width: 1mm/0.03"
Size: (Approx.) 13 x 6 x 13mm/ 0.5" x 0.2" x 0.5"(L*W*T )

Package includes:

  2x AC 125V 1A Mini SPDT Micro Switches


Python library
Introduction to Buttons and Switches
Types of buttons and switches

R15.87  Inc VAT
Transparent Acrylic Laminated Case with Cooling System External Fan Raspberry Pi 4/3/2/B/B+ (AW C4 laminated case + fan)
Notice: this acrylic case is a DIY item with loose parts. Assembly required
This durable plastic raspberry pi case is a perfect fit for your Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B and Raspberry Pi Model B +. 
This case comes with a Cooling Fan on top for your cooling needs.
Open ventilation cooling sides provide extreme heat reduction.
Please REMOVE the PROTECTIVE FILM from both sides of the pieces.
Raspberry Pi main board not included!!!!
Installation Guide:  
1. Mount the bottom cover to the Raspberry Pi 
2. Install the cooling fan onto the top cover 
3. Plug the power cable onto the GPIO port (follow instructions on photo) 
4. Install the top cover 
5. Red cable connects to pin 2(5V)
6. Black cable connects to pin 6(ground)
Package includes: 
1 x Raspberry Pi case 
1 x Small Screwdriver 
1 x Screw Set 
1 x Raspberry Pi Fan
1 x Fan cover plate
R139.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: USB 2.0 Type A to Micro 5pin B Female Converter Adapter Connector (AW 2C4 USB AF 2 micro BM)
Portable and easy to use
Convert any USB A male connector to a USB Micro B 5Pin Female connector
Connector Interface: USB 2.0 Type A Female to Type B Micro 5Pin Female adapter

Package includes:
1 x USB Converter Adapter
R49.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Manhattan Braided Black/Green Micro-USB Cable 50cm (AW 3A2 braided black/green 50cm micro usb)
The CABLEPOP1 is Manhattan's Braided Micro-USB Cable. These 1.5 foot cables let you charge and/or sync your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device while showing off your sense of style. The colorful, braided-fabric jacket makes this cable virtually tangle-free and extremely durable. Plus, it has gold-plated USB and Micro-USB contacts for high-speed data transfers up to 480 Mbps.

 USB 2.0 Standard-A male to USB 2.0 Micro-B male, 0.5 m / 1.5 ft.
 Braided, tangle-resistant design
 Charge and sync your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices
 Supports speeds of up to 480 Mbps
 Gold-plated contacts for best performance

Cable Length50cm
ConnectorsMicro USB B male to USB A male
Cable Color CombinationsBlack/Green
R29.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: 270 Degree Right Angle HDMI Male to Female Adapter Extender (AW 3C3 270 HDMI angle adapter)
  • Color: Black
  • Angle: 270°
  • Connector A: HDMI Standard Male to Female
R65.57  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (AW Compute 3)

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3) is a DDR2-SODIMM-mechanically-compatible System on Module (SoMs) containing the same processor, memory, and supporting power circuitry as the Raspberry Pi 3.

These modules allow designers to leverage the Raspberry Pi hardware and software stack in their own custom systems and form factors. In addition the modules have extra IO interfaces over and above what is available on the Raspberry Pi boards, providing more options for the designer. The Raspberry Compute Modules 3 are suitable for designers who are happy with Raspberry Pi 3 functionality but require a smaller form factor (67.6 mm x 31 mm) for their embedded designs.

Flash memory is connected directly to the processor on the board, but the remaining processor interfaces are available to the user via the connector pins. You get the full flexibility of the BCM2837 SoC (which means that many more GPIOs and interfaces are available as compared to the Raspberry Pi), and designing the Module into a custom system should be relatively straightforward as all the tricky bits are pre-built into the module.

The Compute Module 3 Lite contains the following components contained within a 200 pin SODIMM design:

  • Broadcom BCM2837 Processor (1.2GHz)
  • 35u Hard Gold Plated IO Pins
  • DDR2-SODIMM, Mechanically-Compatible System on Modules (SoMs)
  • 4 GB eMMC Flash memory. Also these modules have extra input/output (I/O) interfaces in addition to the Raspberry Pi model A/B boards.
  • 67.6mm x 31mm Board
Getting started with Raspberry Pi compute
Buildroot Setup


Compute Module Datasheet

Shematics & Interface Information

R599.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Dual micro B USB Power Cable (AW 2C4 usb micro split cable)

Want to use your new Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display but need to keep your GPIO pins free? This handy little cable is just what you need!

We love the Raspberry Pi touchscreen but we hate to block up our GPIO! That's why we had these lovely little cables custom made, we figured you might like them too.

It's just 25cm long and capable of providing 2A combined current across the two male microB USB connectors. Keep your project neat and tidy while providing all the power you need for your Raspberry Pi, touchscreen, and GPIO attached gubbins!

  • 2A of current shared between both connectors
  • 25cm long
  • High quality cable with moulded microB USB connectors
  • Supplies power only (no data lines connected)
  • Use it to run/charge two microB devices at once!

We recommend using this cable with the Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply.

Please note: Raspberry Pi and touchscreen display not included!

R59.52  Inc VAT
Discontinued ModMyPi Pi Zero Case - Black (AW 3B2 mmp moulded zero case black)

We're pleased to introduce our new range of professional, fully injection moulded Raspberry Pi Zero cases! As with all our injection moulded cases, they're designed to optimise protection whilst maintaining device useability. Our Pi Zero cases consist of a 3-Part clip together construction with Micro SD card cover and embossed Raspberry Pi Foundation logo, which acts as a ventilation point for heat extraction. Each case features a top and bottom GPIO cut-out, which can easily be removed using a sharp instrument, or left in situ if the GPIO is not required. There's also 2 x M3 mounting holes on the back of the case, so you can effortlessly mount your Pi Zero where it's required e.g. your belt/dog/table/wall, and two internal microSD card slots to store you spare OS images.

A kick-back from each sale even goes back to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, so you can feel as warm and fuzzy as your Raspberry Pi Zero does in its new case!

ModMyPi's Raspberry Pi Zero Case Features:

  • Professional Fully Injection Moulded PC-ABS Raspberry Pi Zero Case
  • 3 Part Clip-Together Construction (Top, Base & Micro SD Card Cover)
  • Removable Micro SD Card Cover 
  • GPIO Cut-Out Slot (Top & Bottom)
  • Available in Black, White, Blue, Green & Frosted
  • Embossed Raspberry Pi Foundation Logo
  • Embossed Port Labels (MicroSD, Camera, USB, Power, HDMI)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero Clips In (No Screws)
  • Power LED Hole
  • Two-Point M3 Bolt Mount for Attaching to Belts for Wearables or Walls for Wallables ;)
  • 2 x Internal Clip In Micro SD Card Holders
  • Drop Resistant
  • Manufactured in the UK
We're pleased to introduce our new range of professional, fully injection moulded Raspberry Pi Zero cases!
R59.52  Inc VAT
Discontinued: HiFiBerry Pi Zero MiniAMP (AW hifiberry amp zero)

This is HiFiBerry's smallest amplifier board, designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The HiFiBerry MiniAmp is a tiny, highly efficient Class-D power amplifier for the Raspberry Pi Zero, but also works with the bigger Raspberry Pi B+/2 and 3. 

Sometimes it just has to be small. While its Class-D amplifier provides only 3 Watts of power, this if often enough for small music players like kitchen radios, a radio clock or a small music player for your kids. The board is powered by the Raspberry Pi power supply and does not require an additional power supply. Speakers just have to be connected directly to the board, which makes it an ideal module for low-profile applications where the power of our Amp+ is not needed.

The board comes with pre-soldered female header, so you'll need to make sure your Zero has a male header installed. 

HiFiBerry Pi Zero MiniAMP Features:

  • Up to 2x3W output power
  • Capable of driving a pair of 4-8 Ohm speakers
  • 44.1kHz - 192kHz sample rates
  • Digital-analog conversion included, no need for external DACs or sound cards
  • Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B/Zero, no additional cables needed
  • Directly powered from the Raspberry Pi, no larger power supply needed
  • Comes as a pre-fabricated kit. You just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry Pi Zero, you have to solder the GPIO header onto it.
  • Low-noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performance
  • Comes without any mounting material (spacer, 40-pin header for the Raspberry Pi Zero).
  • Does not feature hardware volume control – however most programs feature software volume control.
  • Dimensions 3.0 x 6.5 x 1cm

According to HiFiBerry's configuration guide the MiniAmp uses the same driver as HiFiBerry DAC
This is HiFiBerry's smallest amplifier board
R432.76  Inc VAT
Discontinued: VESA Mount for use with oneninedesign Raspberry Pi 3 Case (1B4 19 VESA bracket black)
These VESA mounting brackets enable you to mount a oneninedesign Raspberry Pi 3 case to the back of a display or monitor using the VESA attachment points. Note: Pi case not included.

Each bracket includes a locking clip which can be used to prevent the SD card from being removed from the Raspberry Pi.

Within the mounting bracket there is space to add a 2.5 inch hard drive for additional memory for your Raspberry Pi project.

Includes two M3 screws to attach the oneninedesign case to the mounting bracket as well as the four screws needed to attach to your display.

Suitable for VESA mounting type 100 x 100 mm only. Please ensure that is what your display has available for mounting.
These VESA mounting brackets enable you to mount a oneninedesign Raspberry Pi 3 case to the back of a display or monitor using the VESA attachment points
R59.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: 4x8mm DC1.5-3V Micro Coreless Vibration Motor (AW 1D3 4x8mm vibration motor)
Motor Diameter: 4mm
Motor Length: 8mm
Eccentric Wheel Size: 4.4x4.4mm
Voltage: DC1.5-3V
Current: 0.15-0.23A

Stable and reliable performance.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Excellent quality and long service life.
Package Includes:
1 x Vibration Motor

Getting started with Raspberry Pi gpiozero Motors
R12.61  Inc VAT
Discontinued: 12mm Steel Shaft Coupling Motor Connector Universal Joint (AW 12mm universal joint coupler)
Internal Diameter12mm
Out Diameter23mm

12mm Steel Shaft Coupling Motor Connector Universal Joint
With needle roller bearings, dynamic load is high, small bearing clearance, maximum speed up to 4000rpm.
Allows an angle between the two axes within a limited range vary with operational needs.
Widely used in multi-axis, multi-axis tapping machine, lock screw machine, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, etc.
Package Includes:
1 x Universal Joint Motor Coupling
2 x Screws
2 x Rings
Widely used in multi-axis, multi-axis tapping machines, lock screw machines, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, etc.
R348.03  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Raspberry Pi3 Flirc Case (AW C4 Flirc Case)

New and improved! The Flirc Raspberry Pi 3 case was designed to not only be functional for your Raspberry Pi, but to be drop dead gorgeous. It’s made of beautiful aluminum core that is sandwiched between two black, soft touch shells that feel amazing in your hands. But once it’s out of your hands, it’s deserving to be proudly on display running your favorite media center software!

This is the first affordable Raspberry Pi case made out of aluminum. We wanted to ensure we didn’t sacrifice form over function, so we used the aluminum housing of the case to provide a built in heat sink. Supplied with the case is a thermal pad and 4 screws for the simplest Raspberry Pi case assembly on the market. It only takes seconds to drop your Raspberry Pi into it’s amazing new home and show it off on your counter top.

We included rubber feet to raise the enclosure so it just hovers underneath your television. In addition to the built in heat sink, small ventilation slots on the bottom help keep the Raspberry Pi cool. GPIO pins are accessible through the slot on the bottom of the case and there is no need for disassembly to get to the SD card. We know you will love the attention to detail we put in throughout the case.

The Flirc Raspberry Pi 3 Case Features:

  • Supports the Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/3B+
  • Built in Heat Sinks
  • Raspberry Pi 3 LED Holes
  • Easy Assembly: Place the thermal pad on your Pi, drop your Pi inside the case, and screw the bottom of the case on!
  • SD Card Access
  • Includes Thermal Pad & Rubber Feet
The Flirc Raspberry Pi case was designed to not only be functional for your Raspberry Pi, but to be drop dead gorgeous with built in heatsink.
R309.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: WDLabs Foundation Edition PiDrive 64GB USB Flash (AW 1A3 WD PiDrive 64GB USB Flash)

Combining SD card and USB drive functionality, the WD PiDrive Foundation Edition is the ideal storage solution for Raspberry Pi. The microSD comes preloaded with custom software, so that you can start creating Raspberry Pi projects quickly and easily. Foundation Edition is available in USB Flash and USB Hard Drive versions.

Hassle-Free OS Installer

The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition device includes a microSD card preloaded with a custom version of NOOBS (New Out of the Box Software) pre-configured with Raspbian PIXEL and Raspbian Lite. With this OS installer and starter operating systems, you can get started right out of the box, or download and install multiple Raspbian OSs directly onto your flash or HDD drive.

Space to explore

With the new Project Spaces installer on the included microSD card, you can run multiple operating systems and several projects from the same flash or HDD drive. Project Spaces lets you partition the WD PiDrive Foundation Edition device into pre-configured work spaces to customize the drive to your specific needs.


With a low profile design, the USB flash drive device gives you the storage you need in a compact and portable device. The USB Flash drive easily fits into the USB ports of your Raspberry Pi and works with the microSD to offer the same seamless onboarding experience within a smaller hardware footprint.


Flash version comes with:

  • Native 64GB USB Flash Drive
  • 4GB SanDisk microSD™ Card (Pre-Loaded)
  • USB 2.0
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

not included:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • WD PiDrive Enclosure
  • WD PiDrive Cable
  • Power Adapter and USB cable

WD PiDrive Foundation Edition Project Spaces How-To Guide

WD PiDrive Foundation Edition Project Spaces Examples

WD PiDrive Foundation Edition FAQs

How to boot from a USB mass Storage device

Combining SD card and USB drive functionality, the WD PiDrive Foundation Edition is the ideal storage solution for Raspberry Pi.
R352.06  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Machifit SC10UU 10mm Linear Motion Bearing Slide Bushing for CNC (AW 2D3 SC10UU 10mm Linear Motion Bearing)
Material: Steel,Aluminum
Shaft ID: 10mm
Weight: 95g
Model: SC10UU

Features : 
The universal Ball Bearings is great to replace damaged Ball Bearings
in your devices to improve efficiency and save energy.

Widely used in CNC projects

Package Includes : 
1x Linear Motion Ball Bearing
R95.83  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Machifit Outer Diameter 8mm x 400mm Cylinder Linear Rail/Shaft for CNC (AW 2D4 Rail 8x400mm)
MaterialBearing steel, GCr15
HardnessAbout HRC62°
Precisiong6 h6
Surface roughnessBelow 1.5uM
Surface hard-thickness0.8μ~3mm
Outer diameter8mm
StraightnessBelow 5μM/100mm
Hard chrome thickness3.0μM(Rmax)

Surface is smooth.
Durable and easy to install.
Package includes:
1 X Linear Optical Axis
R119.90  Inc VAT
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