3.3V ADS1115 ADC Module for Raspberry Pi 3/2 / B I2C RPI ADS1115 ADC Analog to Digital Converter

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RPi-ADS1115-ADC Module is a precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC), one of them ADS1115 Is able to offer 16Bit sampling accuracy of the chip, using a very small sizeMSOP - 10Package.

Data passed I2C Compatible serial interface for transmission, owned 4 road I2C Address can be selected, work power only need3.3VYou can. Its main function is that it can be used to detect analog signals and convert them to digital signals.

You can put analog signals on joysticks or other analog sensors such as NTC, Temperature, dust sensors and other equipment through this RPi-ADS1115-ADC Module access raspberry faction, through the raspberry dispatch device to collect the analog signal.




65.0 mm 30.0 mm 18.0 mm

Operating voltage


Analog input voltage


Programmable data rate

8 sps To 860 sps

internal PGA

stand by


Sampling accuracy

16 Bit

I2c interface

Select the address by pin

Number of channels

4 Single-ended or 2
Differential input

Programmable Comparator (PGA)

2/3 ~ 16

internal NTC

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