BME280 1.8-5V High Precision Atmospheric Pressure, Temperature, humidity Sensor Module

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The BME280 is a humidity sensor especially developed for mobile applications and wearables where size and low power consumption are key design parameters.

BME280, the precision sensor from , is soldered onto PCB.
Not only the pressure and the temperature, this sensor can measure humidity.
It uses both I2C and SPI (supports 3-, 4-wire SPI) interface


    Supply Voltage: 1.8 - 5V DC
    Interface: I2C (up to 3.4MHz), SPI (up to 10 MHz)
    Operational Range:
    Temperature: -40 to 85°C
    Humidity: 0-100%
    Pressure: 300-1100 hPa
    Temperature: 0.01°C
    Humidity: 0.008%
    Pressure: 0.18Pa
    Temperature: -1°C
    Humidity: -3%
    Pressure: -1Pa
    I2C address
    SDO LOW : 0x76
    SDO HIGH: 0x77

What's in the box?

1 x bme280 sensor
1 x header

The Raspberry Pi Foundation Project
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