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This is suitable for taking apart any small electronics, like cell phones or portable gaming systems and for soldering projects.
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Add a physical switch to your device or project.
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The MLX90615 is an Infra Red thermometer for non contact temperature measurements.
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25x35cm Heat Resistant Soldering Station Pad (Solder pad blue)

This is suitable for taking apart any small electronics, like cell phones or portable gaming systems and for soldering projects.

1. Work surface to perform detailed DIY projects. 
2. Pre-Printed grid designed to help you keep parts organized. 


Heat-resistant Repair Pad Size: approx. 350mm x 250mm x 5mm
Gross weight: approx. 260g
Heat resistance: 350 °C
Package includes: 
1 x Heat-resistant Repair Pad 
This is suitable for taking apart any small electronics, like cell phones or portable gaming systems and for soldering projects.
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433Mhz Transmitter Wireless Remote Control 6V 4CH Channel (433MHz 4 button remote)

This product does not supply any instructions, please reference the description.
This version does not support copy code function, please note about this before you order it.

Great for adding a wireless remote switch to electronic equipment. 
Remote Relay Switches are equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow contact closure inputs to control contact closure outputs in a remote location. The sending device is equipped with contact closure inputs, used to control relays on the remote device.


Voltage: 6V
Working frequency: 433mhz
Extremely easy to set up and use
Copies most radio frequency fixed code remote controls
Learning face to face in seconds
Only copy of a fixed code, can not be copied rolling code
Covers application ranging from simple domestic remote control to autonomous control, including car alarms, home alarms, panic buttons, garage door, rolling curtain, etc.
Compatible with 2262 / 2260 / 1527 / 2240 etc chip and several code wireless remote control. So it can meet someone's need of choosing the wireless remote control as they like to work with it .

Note: Use for 1012323

Package included:

1 x Transmitter
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MC4T-A1 Solar Branch Cable Splitter MFF FMM (Solar split MFF FMM connector)

Widely used in the connection of MC4 solar connectors for solar system. With the capacity of anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet radiation on the outer cover to meet the using requirement under bad outdoor conditions. Easy and reliable connection of the solar cables to the pv system (solar panels, inverters).
Product No.: MC4T-A1
Rated Voltage: TUV 1000V DC / UL 600V DC 
Rating Current: 20A~30A
Suitable cable cross sections: 2.5mm2~ 6.0mm2 / 14AWG~ 10AWG 
Pin dimension: 4.0mm 
Proof voltage: DC 8KV(1Min)  
Pollution degree: 2 
Protection class: Class II 
Contact Material: Copper, tin-plated 
Contact Resistance:  5mW 
Connector Material: PPO 
Degree of Protection IP: IP67(IEC 60529)
Temperature Range: -40oc   85oc 
Flame Class: UL94V - 0 

Package includes:

1 x MC4T-A1 Solar PV MC4 Branch Connector set (1 x MFF and 1 x FMM)
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AC to DC 12V 2A Power Supply Adapter (12V 2A EU power supply)

You will find a South African plug adapter here

Universal 12v adapter for any 12v power requirement. For Small 12v DC equipment like a router, 12v fan, desk led lamps, DSTV boxes, small DC pumps, LED strip lights etc 

  • This item is a Universal 12V 2A external switching  power adapter.
  • Power supply polarity : Inside positive outside negative,inside x( ) outside i(-).
  • Input : 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Output : 12V 2A
  • Cable length : 90 cm
  • DC Plug Dimension : 5.5mm * 2.5mm
  • Plug : EU Plug
What's in the box?

1 x 12V 2A Power Adapter 
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Dual 15A 600V 12 Position Screw Terminal Strip Covered (12 way connecter strip)

Good to build prototype project, electric wiring, other electronic design for electricians or technicians.


Contact Material: Copper
Insulator Material: ABS plastic
Colour: Black
Maximum rated voltage: 600V
AMPS Maximum Rated: 15A
Poles: 12-pin (two rows)
Weight: 244g(appr.)
Size:  12.7x2.2x1.6cm (appr.)

Package includes:
1 X Terminal Electric connector Strip Block
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5.5V 4F H Style Super Capacitor 24.6 x 6mm (5.5V 4F super cap coin)

The super capacitor is used for energy storage undergoing frequent charge and discharge cycles at high current and short duration. 


Type: 5.5V 4.0F super capacitor H (Horizontal) Style
Withstand voltage: 5.5V
Capacitance: 4F
Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Low ESR fast charge only few seconds
Large current discharge
Green pollution-free
Wider practicability for solar, wind and other hobby projects
Safe and easy to use
No maintenance
Size: 24.6 x 6mm

What's in the box?

1 x 5.5V 4F capacitor



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Solder Iron Tip Steel Cleaning Wire Ball (Solder clean ball)
Description :

Solder cleaning wire, which is an upgrade from typical sponge or water cleaning techniques. These Cleaning Wire Balls are hard enough to remove debris and some corrosion from the solder tips while being soft enough not to damage the tip. They help to remove oxides and excess solder to preserve tip life and enable clean, precise soldering.

Features :

1. Made of high quality material, reliable in performance
2. Easy to clean soldering head without water
3. Remove residues quickly and effectively
4. It does not damage soldering head
5. Durable for long use
6. Avoid soldering tin from splashing everywhere

Specifications :

1. Material : Steel
2. Smokeless : Yes
3. Non-toxic : Yes

Package includes :

1 x Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Ball

Introduction to soldering
Video: How to solder properly
The secrets to good soldering
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5V/12V Male to Female Barrel Power Extension Cable with Switch 5.5x2.1mm 26cm (barrel switch extension)

Add a physical switch to your device or project. 
This inline manual switch goes between the power source and the device to add a convenient and reliable point of power control


5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel
26cm cable

What's in the box?

1 x switch barrel connection
Add a physical switch to your device or project.
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HX711 Module 20kg Aluminum Alloy Scale Weighing Sensor Load Cell (20kg scale sensor)

HX711 is an electronic scale module, whose working principle is to convert the measured changes in resistance value changes, through the conversion circuit into electrical output.


  Comprehensive error: 0.05% F.S
  Rated output temperature drift: ≤ 0.15% F.S / 10 ℃
  Output Sensitivity: 1.0 ± 0.1 mV / V
Zero drift: 0.05% F.S (1 minute)
Zero point temperature drift: 0.2% F.S / 10 ° C
Zero output: ± 0.1 mV / V
Input impedance: 1000 ± 50Ω
Output impedance: 1000 ± 50Ω
Overload capacity: 150% F.S
Recommended excitation voltage: 5-10V
Operating temperature range: -10 ~ 50 ℃


For high-precision small-scale weighing for micro-automatic testing equipment, micro-weighing equipment, pushing and pulling equipment, pull pressure test

Red: E
Black: E-
White: A-
Green: A

Package includes:

1 x Weighing Sensor Load Cell
1 x HX711 Module

Building a Raspberry Pi weight scale
Python Library
Building an Arduino weight scale
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CMT Welding Soldering Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Gold Cleaning Wire with Stand (solder tip cleaner pot)

No water necessary, maintain temperature for the iron to faster work cycle.
It cleans better than conventional sponges.
Specifications :

Color : Gold
Size : 70mm x 69mm x 69mm
Package includes : 
R179.90  Inc VAT
1.0mm solder wire (lead free SN99.3 CU0.7)solder tin tube (Solder wire tube)
Description :

Solder wire is a fusible metal alloy with a low temperature melting point used to permanently join two metals that have a higher melting point. Designed for use in electrical and electronic applications and to be environmentally friendly.

Specifications :

Tube Soldering Wire
Length: 3 meter
Diameter: 1.0 mm
Net weight: 10g (appox.)
Great For Electronics and Electrical Wiring

Package includes :

1 x solder tube


Introduction to soldering
Video: How to solder properly
The secrets to good soldering
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Geekcreit® FT232RL FTDI USB To TTL Serial Converter Adapter Module (FT232RL FTDI USB To TTL Serial)

The FT232RL is one of the more commonly used ICs used to convert USB signals to UART signals. This process is very handy in that it allows you communicate with and upload code to an Arduino or other microcontroller without the need for an external programmer.


Chip: FT232RL
Draw out all signal port of FT232RL chip
RXD / TXD transceiver communication indicator
USB power supply, can choose 5V or 3.3V, set by jumper
With over current protection, using 500mA self-restore fuse
Pin definition: DTR, RXD, TX, VCC, CTS, GND
Pitch: 2.54mm
Size: 36 x 18mm (L x W)

Interface: Mini USB

The USB to TTL serial adapter is based on the high quality and very popular FTDI FT232RL chipset and is an excellent way to connect TTL serial devices to a PC through a USB port.

This USB to TTL serial adapter is ideal for many uses, including:

Programming microprocessors such as ARM, AVR, etc
Working with computing hardware such as routers and switches
Serial communication with many devices such as GPS devices
Serial terminals on devices like the Raspberry Pi
Unlike most USB to TTL serial adapters, this adapter supports both 5V AND 3.3V operation! Simply set the jumper as required to choose between 5V and 3.3V as labelled on the board.

The adapter comes with a right-angle connector fitted allowing you to use it straight away. If you need to access any of the other inputs or outputs of the FT232RL, all the useful signals are provided as through-hole solder pads - ideal for use with straight headers into a breadboard, for example.

Package includes:

1 x FT232RL USB to serial converter module

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MS Flux PEN for DIY Solar cell Panels and soldering projects (Misol flux pen)


Refillable flux pens for all your rework needs including no-clean, rosin and water soluble. Liquid Solder Flux Pen is used to clean PCB track and legs or pins of electronic components while soldering.


  • No-Clean Flux
  • Net volume: 10ml
  • Shelf life @ 25 degree C: 2 year
  • Push the pen tip to start the flux flow
  • Keep the pen cap on when not in use


  • When coming into contact with skin, please wash the area immediately to avoid skin irritation.
  • Do not consume.
  • Please store in a safe location where children can not reach it.

Introduction to soldering
Video: How to solder properly
The secrets to good soldering
R59.90  Inc VAT
MC4 Parallel connector 3M1F/3F1M for 3 solar panels (MC4 3 way solar connector set)


This listing includes: 10 pairs of MC4 parallel connectors for 3 solar panels. (FFFM and MMMF)

Used for connecting solar panels in series or parallel, quick and reliable connection of the solar cables to the photovoltaic system. 


It can be used for connecting 3 solar panels in parallel.



1). Easy to use

2). TUV certification





Rated Voltage (VDC)


Rated Current (A)


Low Ambient Temperature (°C)


Upper Ambient Temperature (°C)


Degree of Protection (IP Code)


Contact Material


Insulation Material




Connection resistance

<= 1m Ω

Insertion force


Withdraw force


Flame class


R179.90  Inc VAT
15A 45V Schottky Diode for solar panel (schottky diode 15A 45V)

Schottky diodes are used in photovoltaic (PV) systems to prevent a reverse current flowing through the PV modules.

They are used in stand-alone ("off-grid") systems to prevent batteries from discharging through the solar cells at night.


15A 45V

What's in the box:

1 x Schottky Diode

Basics, Types, Characteristics, Applications & Packages
R11.90  Inc VAT
MLX90614ESF AAA Non Contact Human Body Infrared IR Temperature Sensor (Infra red temp sensor)

The MLX90615 is an Infra Red thermometer for non contact temperature measurements. Both the IR sensitive
thermopile detector chip and the signal conditioning chip are integrated in the same TO-46 can package.
Thanks to its low noise amplifier, 16-bit ADC and powerful DSP unit, a high accuracy and resolution of the
thermometer is achieved. The thermometer is factory calibrated with the digital SMBus compatible

  1.  Small size, low cost
  2.  Easy to integrate
  3.  Factory calibrated in wide temperature range: -40…85C for sensor temperature and -40…115C for object temperature
  4.  High accuracy of 0.5C over wide temperature range (0... 50C for both TA and TO )
  5.  High (medical) accuracy calibration
  6.  Measurement resolution of 0.02C
  7.  SMBus compatible digital interface
  8.  Power saving mode
  9.  Customizable PWM output for continuous reading
  10.  Embedded emissivity compensation
  11.  3V supply voltage

Datasheets available at
The MLX90615 is an Infra Red thermometer for non contact temperature measurements.
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Zinc Alloy Alarm Garage/Window Rolling Door Reed Switch (Garage reed switch)

The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by a magnetic field. In it's most basic form, the switch consists of a flexible ferromagnetic metal contacts inside a sealed glass tube. When a magnet is brought close to the 'reeds', the reeds move so that they come into contact, closing the switch.

Best used to alert when unauthorized entry is made.

1. High quality
2. Simple installation
3. The metals electroplates outer shell, double-loop circuit design, performance stable.
4. Circuit is open when magnet is near the switch.
5. Special use for metal doors, anti-magnetic interference design.
Housing material: Zinc Alloy
Rated Voltage: 100V
Operating Distance: 50-70mm
Contact Type: Normally Closed
Size: 10.6 x 3.8 x 1cm/ 4.2" x 0.15" x 0.4" (L x W x T)
Cord Length: approx.45cm/ 17.7"
Package includes: 
1 x Door Magnetic Switch Alarm
4 x Screws

R249.90  Inc VAT
6V/12V 10A Solar PWM Charge Regulator With Intelligent LED Indicator (mini solar charge controller)

A PWM (pulse width modulation) controller can be thought of as an (electronic) switch between the solar panels and the battery: The switch is ON when the charger mode is in bulk charge mode. The switch is “flicked” ON and OFF as needed (pulse width modulated) to hold the battery voltage at the absorption voltage.

A great charge control module for smaller sized solar projects


PWM controller,Long standby time
Three stage charging can effectively improve battery life.
Easy installation and easy operation
LED indicator, battery power display
Manual adjustable discharge mode


Charging mode: PWM
System current:5A/10A
Interior input power:≤30W/≤60W
Overload, short circuit protection: 1.5 times rated current, five minutes off;Five minutes to recover
Rated voltage no-load current:≤6mA

Package includes:

1x Solar controller
1x User manual
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Plastic Battery Case For 4 x 18650 Batteries (4x18650 battery box)

This Lithium Ion Battery Holder has slots for two 18650 Li-Ion batteries, with simple bare connectors for integrating it into projects as a portable battery pack.

This provides greater power for electronic projects


Battery type: 4 pcs 18650 Case Holder
18650 Battery Holder Case with 6 inch leads for soldering / connecting
Takes 4 standard size 18650 batteries side by side to form a compact battery of 3.7V rechargeables
Keep your batteries organized and protected
Batteries not included

Package includes:

1 x Battery Holder Case for 4 x 18650
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1.75mm Brass Feed Extruder Wheel Drive Gear For Reprap 3D Printer (1.75mm feed wheel)

These drive 40 teeth gears are made of quality brass, rustproof and no corrosion, durable and stable to use, with good bearing capacity. Fits a large range of 3D printers


- Material: brass
- Color: golden
- Model: reprap
- Operation temperature: 250°
- Style: 1.75mm
- Installation: female connection
- Used for 1.75mm filament

Package includes:

1x Feed Wheel
R39.90  Inc VAT
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