200pcs Assorted Crimp Electrical Terminal Wire Connectors

R269.91  Inc VAT
Material: Copper+PVC+Tinplate
Box Size: Approx. 175x100x23mm
Colours: Red+Blue
Quantity: 200pcs/box
- 200pcs Assorted Crimp Electrical Splice Spade Ring Fork Terminal Wire Connectors
- Durable Insulated crimp terminals.
- Assorted crimp terminals with storage container.

Packing List in a Set:
10pcs (10pcs Red)x Piggy Back
30pcs (15pcs Red + 15pcs Blue)x Ring M5
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)x Bullet Male
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)x Bullet Female
40pcs (20pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)x Spade 250 Male
40pcs (20pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)x Spade 250 Female
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)x Spade 250 Female (Fully Insulated)
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)x Butt Splice

Package Includes:
200pcs x Wire Connectors
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  • Model: C2 200 x lugs kit
  • Manufacturer: Generic