Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Beginner Kit-UK Plug

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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Beginner Kit (Without Pi4 and Power Supply)


Are you new to Raspberry Pi or perhaps you are using Arduino and you wish to learn Raspberry Pi? You are probably confused about where and how to start learning Raspberry Pi. If you are looking for a solution to learn Raspberry Pi, we have you covered!

Kit Only (*This kit does NOT include a Raspberry Pi as well as a power supply*)

Without Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (Click on this link to add a Pi4 4Gb model B to your basket)
Without Power Supply (Click on this link to add a Power Supply for a Pi4 B to your basket).

What's in the box ?

1 x Quick Start Guide (color printed copy)
1 x 16GB Micro SD Card with NOOBS for RPI (Official from Raspberry Pi Foundation, supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B)
1 x Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsink Set (3pcs) Black
1 x 5MP Camera Board for Raspberry Pi
1 x Raspberry Pi  4 ABS Case (Black), Free while stock lasts
1 x Cooling fan
5 x LED 5mm Red
5 x LED 5mm Green
5 x  LED 5mm Yellow
5 x  LED Super Bright 5mm Blue
1 x Male to Female Jumper Wire
1 x Male to Male Jumper Wire
1 x Female to Female Jumper Wire
5 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (150K)
5 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (220R)
5 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (10K)
5 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (470R)
5 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (330R)
1 x LDR(Small)
1 x Breadboard 8.5x5.5cm (400 Holes)
4 x 6x6x1 Push Button 4Pin
2 x Electrolytic Capacitor 16V 10uF
2 x Electrolytic Capacitor 50V 1uF
1 x Low-Cost Ultrasonic Ranging Module
1 x PIR Sensor
1 x Crocodile Clip with Wire (10pcs)
1 x Buzzer-PCB Mount
1 x 12mm Momentary Push Button - Yellow
1 x 12mm Momentary Push Button - Red
1 x 12mm Momentary Push Button - Green
1 x 12mm Momentary Push Button - Blue


Download Noobs
Download Raspbian (Operating System Images)

Projects : Click on any of the links below to start understanding and learning more.

Getting Started :

 - Getting started with Raspberry Pi
 - Using your Raspberry Pi

For the Beginners :

Rock Band
Robot Antenna 
Getting Started with Node-Red
A Raspberry Pi Laser Trip Wire
Python quick reaction game 
Whoopi Cussion
Getting Started with PiCamera
Getting Started with Mu
Introduction to processing
Getting started with Mathematica

Intermediate :

Pac-Man treasure hunt on the terminal
Minecraft Phot booth
Minecraft Selfies
GPIO Music Box 
The Parent Detector
Santa Detector 
Dancing Unicorns and Rainbows
Temperature Log
The BIG Minecraft Piano

Advanced :

Ultrasonic Theremin
The All-Seeing Pi
Time-lapse animations with Raspberry Pi
Tweeting Babbage
Pixel Art
Push Button stop motion

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