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  • Piezo Transducer - Mini 5V Buzzer (4000Hz) (piezo buzzer 5V)

    If you want to add beeps, tones or alerts to your Raspberry Pi project, you require a Piezo Buzzer! This mini transducer is small but loud, and can be driven with a 1-20V peak-to-peak square wave. To use, connect one pin to ground (either one) and the other pin to a square wave out from a timer or microcontroller. For the loudest tones, stay around 4 KHz. For extra loudness, you can connect both pins to a microcontroller and swap which pin is high or low ('differential drive') for double the volume.

    This one plops perfectly into a breadboard and has short legs, so can also easily be mounted on a PCB! Please Note. This item is externally driven, e.g. requires a microcontroller to produce a tone.

    This Mini Piezo Transducer Features:

    • Mini 5V Piezo Transducer
    • PCB & Breadboard Mountable
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Sealed Base
    • Wave Solderable and Washable
    Technical Specification
    • Rated Voltage (Vp-p Square Wave) 5Vp-p
    • Operating Voltage 1 to 20Vp-p
    • Rated Current at Rated Voltage 1mA
    • Sound Output at 4000Hz at 10cm, at Rated Voltage ≥80dB
    • Resonant Frequency 4000 ±500Hz
    • Operating Temperature -20 to +70°C
    • Storage Temperature -30 to +80°C
    • External Diameter: 13.8mm
    • External Height: 6.8mm
    • Capacitance: 0.013µF
    • Capacitance Max: 16.9nF
    • Weight: 1g
    • Model No.: ABT-402-RC
  • Piezzo Buzzer 12V (piezzo buzzer 12v)

    Piezo Buzzer 12V 10mA 85dB

    • ø22.5mm
    • Height: 12.3mm
    • 10mA
    • 12V DC Operation
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