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Now available with pre-soldered headers and USB cable
R79.90  Inc VAT
Light a fire using only the sun. Use for any outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing etc. Why does PiShop stock this? Because we like cool gadgets and especially solar related items. Nope it can't power your RPi.
R59.90  Inc VAT
Unfortunately ICASA has not yet approved the Raspberry 3 model B+ for use in South Africa. As we are not able to legally import them yet, pricing is only an estimate and is subject to change. Watch this space for updates.
R579.00  Inc VAT

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If you thought bulk is better then here is your proof. 6 Pack mini breadboard in different colours for your DIY electronic projects.
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R639.00  Inc VAT

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This third generation model maintains the same popular board format as the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi B+, but boasts a faster 1.2GHz 64Bit SoC, and on board WiFi and Bluetooth!
R539.00  Inc VAT
This Raspberry Pi 3 Model B kit is a great way in which to get started with Raspberry Pi, all of the essentials to get you up and running in no time.
R899.00  Inc VAT
The Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply - Shipped with easily interchangeable heads for the UK and EU.
R160.00  Inc VAT


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