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MAIWO K104 Tool-Free USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Drive Enclosure for 2.5inch HDD SSD - Black (Sata USB enclosure)
Please note: This item does not include the drive. Only the enclosure and cable adapter.


1. Brand model: MAIWO K104
2. Colour: black / white
3. Suitable for: 2.5inch HDD SSD(less than 9.5mm thickness)
4. Hard disk interface: SATA I II III (hard disk is not included)
4. Interface: USB 3.0
5. Chip: JMS567
6. Weight: 50g
7. Material: PP+ABS
8. Support system: Window XP/ Vista / 7/ 8/ 10 for Mac os and Raspberry Pi 4
9. Dimensions: 130mm x 79mm x 17mm


1. Practical and easy to use, support hot-swap, plug and play,  you can take the drive line out and connect the hard disk to use directly.
2. Support 2.5inch HDD/SSD to read and write.
3. Support SATA I II III hard disk, USB3.0 transfer interface, max speeds can reach up to 5Gbps; Installed top-grade JMS567 chip-set.
4. Tool free installation, the enclosures uses a buckle design, convenient to use.
5. Shockproof design, to prevent the hard disk violent shaking, protect your hard disk.
6. Multiple protection, make your data transmission more secure, support over voltage protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection etc.

Package includes:

1 x MAIWO K104 Tool-Free USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Disk Enclosures for 2.5inch HDD SSD
R299.90  Inc VAT
Western Digital My Passport Go 500GB SSD Black w/ Cobalt trim USB3 (WD 500GB External)

Tough SSD. Built To Travel.

My Passport™ Go is the tough SSD drive built to travel. With a rubber protective bumper on the outside, a solid state drive on the inside, and a built-in cable for convenience, this is no ordinary drive. My Passport Go is the perfect drive to take anywhere with confidence.

Tough and Durable
The My Passport Go portable drive has a shock-absorbing rubber bumper and no moving parts, making it drop-resistant up to 2 meters and helping to keep your content safe from bumps and shakes.

Compact and Integrated
Its pocket-sized form factor and built-in cable make the My Passport™ Go drive incredibly convenient to bring with you anywhere without leaving important components behind.

SSD Performance
The My Passport™ Go portable drive delivers SSD performance, more than 2 times faster than typical portable hard disk drives.

Worry-free Portability
Engineered and manufactured by Western Digital, a leading storage company, the My Passport™ Go drive provides you with reliability and dependability you can trust.


Capacity: 500 GB
Interface: USB 3.0
  • macOS 10.13+
  • Windows 10 (install compatibility software)
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 3.74" x 2.64" x 0.39"
In The Box:
  • My Passport Go portable SSD with integrated USB cable
  • WD Discovery™ software for WD Backup™ and WD Drive Utilities™ software
  • Quick Install Guide

R1,695.90  Inc VAT
Mecer External Chassis With M.2 (2242 / 2260 / 2280) - USB3.0 Interface (m.2 usb chassis)
Mecer External Chassis With M.2 (2242 / 2260 / 2280) - USB3.0 Interface

USB3 cable included
Screwdriver and screw included
R179.90  Inc VAT
Mecer 256GB SATA3 6Gb/sec M.2 2280 Solid State Drive (mecer 256GB M.2)
Mecer 256GB SATA3 6Gb/sec M.2 2280 Solid State Drive
R729.90  Inc VAT
Orico 20UTS USB 3.0 SATA Ⅲ 6Gbps UASP 2.5inch HDD SSD External Hard Drive Adapter Converter Cable (Sata USB adapter cable)
Please note: This is the cable adapter only. Drive not included


1. Brand: Orico
2. Model: 20UTS
3. Item: HDD SSD Hard Drive Adapter Cable
4. Material: ABS
5. Interface: USB 3.0 USB-A to Micro B
6. Compatible HDD: 2.5 inch HDD / SSD
7. Controller: JMS578
8. Capacity: Support 2TB
9. Dimensions: 51mm x 30mm x 12mm
10. Supported System: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10, Linux, for Mac OS 9.1 and Raspberry Pi 4
11. Safety Approval: CE / FCC / RoHS


1. Helps to renew your unused hard drive, compatible with 2.5inch SATA hard drive.
2. Open thermal design makes better heat dissipation than hard drive enclosure.
3. Compared with other 5Gbps adapter, 20UTS supports UASP, which means that it can provide 6Gbps transmission rate, more efficient in data transmission.
4. Supports OTG function, for phone and tablet which supports OTG function to connect with hard drive with this adapter.

Package Includes:

1 x Orico 20UTS USB 3.0 SATA Ⅲ 6Gbps UASP 2.5inch HDD SSD External Hard Drive Adapter Converter Cable
R249.90  Inc VAT
Argon One M.2 Aluminum Case For Raspberry Pi4 With M.2 Expansion Slot (Argon M.2 Pi4)

The Argon ONE M.2 Case ups the ante by providing (1) two full-sized HDMI ports, (2) Power Management Modes that allows for automatic booting, (3) Built-in IR support with streamlined options for configuration and (4) Integrated M.2 SATA SSD support through the USB 3 Ports of the Raspberry Pi 4.


Argon ONE M.2 Case extended support for M.2 SATA SSDs allows you to maximize the true potential speeds of your Raspberry Pi 4. You will now be able to boot via an M.2 SATA SSD for faster boot times and larger storage capacity compared to the traditional microSD Card.


Argon ONE M.2 is UASP Supported for the Raspberry Pi 4 which means you can maximize the transfer speeds of your M.2 SATA Drive.


It is compatible with any M.2 SATA SSD with Key-B and Key B&M.

  • M.2 SATA SSD Compatibility | Accepts any size of M.2 SATA SSD with Key-B or Key-B&M
  • UASP Supported for Raspberry Pi 4 | Maximizes the high speed data transfers for Raspberry Pi 4
  • Two Full-Sized HDMI | Improves the dual-monitor support of the Raspberry Pi 4 for its video input
  • Power Management Modes | Offers 2 power management options with automatic booting or “Always ON Mode
  • Built-in IR Support | Programmable IR support to the Raspberry Pi with streamlined options. Works out of the box with the Argon ONE Remote.
  • Active Cooling | Software Programmable 30mm FAN via the Argon ONE software
  • Passive Cooling | Aluminum alloy top case acts as a giant heatsink connected to the CPU of the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Cable Management | Repositioned all ports to the back of the Raspberry Pi 4 to highlight its sleek and modern design.
R869.90  Inc VAT
Mecer 128GB SATA3 6Gb/sec M.2 2280 Solid State Drive (mecer 128GB M.2)
Mecer 128GB SATA3 6Gb/sec M.2 2280 Solid State Drive
R469.90  Inc VAT
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