Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators
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Used as TO220 MOSFET or voltage regulator Heat Sink
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L7812CV Voltage Regulator IC 12V (1A5 L7812CV Regulator IC 12V)
Primary input voltage: 19V
Input Voltage Min: 14V
Maximum input voltage: 35V
Fixed output voltage: 12V
Pressure drop: 2V
Output channel number: 1
Number of pins: 3
Output current: 1.5A
Package Type: TO-220 Tube
Operating temperature range: 0℃ to + 150℃ 
SVHC (Highly Concerned Substances): No SVHC (20-Jun-2011)
Device number: 7812
Tolerance, operating voltage +: 4%
Voltage Rectifier Type: Positive Fixed
Maximum supply voltage: 27V
Power supply voltage minimum: 14.5V
Surface Mount Devices: Through Hole Installation

Package included:

1 x TO-220 Voltage Regulator IC
R7.97  Inc VAT
L7805 TO220 5V Voltage Regulator (L7805 Volt Reg)
  • Integrated circuit
  • Voltage regulator
  • +5V
  • Non Insulated
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TO-220 Clip-on Heat Sink (C8 clip-on heatsink black)

Voltage regulators and transistors can get a little hot sometimes! Most chips state that they can cope with high currents and voltage drops, but running these devices in high capacity situations can shorten their life. If you need to protect them from burning out, then add this nifty clip-on heat sink! No screws of thermal paste required, these heat sinks simply slide on to any TO-220 size chip.

These heat sinks have a thermal resistance of 28°C/W when connected to a TO-220 chip, which should let you dissipate around 4 Watts of power.

Technical Specification:

  • Packages Cooled : TO-220
  • Thermal Resistance : 28°C/W
  • External Height : 20mm
  • External Width : 19.7mm
  • External Length : 8.1mm
  • Mounting Type : Vertical / Horizontal clip-on
Used as TO220 MOSFET or voltage regulator Heat Sink
R14.02  Inc VAT
STMicroelectronics LD1117V33, LDO Regulator, 1.3A, 3.3 V, ±1% 3-Pin, TO-220 (LD1117V33 Volt Reg)
    Output Voltage3.3 V
    Output TypeFixed
    Package TypeTO-220
    Maximum Output Current1.3A
    Mounting TypeThrough Hole
    Maximum Input Voltage15 V
    Pin Count3
    Number of Outputs1
    Quiescent Current5mA
    Minimum Operating Temperature0 °C
    Maximum Operating Temperature+150 °C
    Line Regulation6 mV
    Dimensions10.4 x 4.6 x 9.15mm
    Load Regulation10 mV

    R13.62  Inc VAT
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