Fuses and Fuse Holders
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Excellway® FT01 100Pcs 5x20mm Quick Blow Glass Tube Fuse Assorted Kit 0.25 - 6A (glass fuse kit)

Glass fuses provide overcurrent protection for low-current circuits in appliances, electronics circuit boards, and lighting fixtures. They typically have a voltage rating of 300VAC or less and are used for applications where they won't be exposed to high heat that could shatter the glass.


  • Brand:Excellway®
  • Model:FT01
  • Material:glass
  • Dimension: Approx. 20mm x 5mm( LxH) / 0.8 inch x 0.2 inch
  • Current: 0.25/0.3/0.5/0.75/1/2/3/4/5/6A( 10pcs per type)

Package Includes:

10 X 0.25 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10 x 0.3 AMP Glass Tube Fuse
10 x 0.5 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10 x 0.75 AMP Glass Tube Fuse
10 x 1 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10 x 2 AMP Glass Tube Fuse
10 x 3 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10 x 4 AMP Glass Tube Fues
10 x 5 AMP Glass Tube Fuse10 x 6AMP Glass Tube Fues
R209.90  Inc VAT
Waterproof In Line Standard Blade Fuse Holder (Standard Blade fuse holder)
A safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts & breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a safe level.
Waterproof your electrical connection using this fuse holder. A safety addition to your 3D printer, CNC and several other electronics
Suitable for 6v, 12v & 24v systems (Maximum voltage 32v)
Package Includes: 
1 x Standard Blade Fuse holder
1 x 10A Blade Fuse included
R49.90  Inc VAT
Panel Mounted Glass Fuse Holder 5x20mm (fuse holder 5x20mm)

Fuse holders can be used in any applications where you need to ensure electrical protection, isolation and switching under load of inductive or resistive loads. The technology solutions applied to reduce power dissipation help to minimize module heating.

Fuse holders are suitable for protection against overloads and short circuits.

Quality rubber fuse-holder fits ATC/ATO size fuses. Holds and encloses fuse securely. Hinged cover protects fuse from impact, water and dust. 12-inch wire loop is made of 18 gauge flexible stranded red wire.


- Panel mounted fuse holder suitable for 5 x 20mm type fuses.
- With screw cap and solder-lug terminals.


- Material: Plastic Metal
- Color: Black
- Current rating: 10A ( 250V AC ) / 15A ( 125V AC )
- Fuse size: 5 x 20mm
- Cutting hole: 12.5mm
- Length: 35mm

Package Includes:
1 x Fuse Holder
R34.90  Inc VAT
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