Soldering related items and equipment
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25x35cm Heat Resistant Soldering Station Pad (1C2 Solder pad blue)
1. Work surface to perform detailed DIY projects. 
2. Pre-Printed grid designed to help you keep parts organized. 
Heat-resistant Repair Pad Size: approx. 350mm x 250mm x 5mm
Gross weight: approx. 260g
Heat resistance: 350 °C
Package includes: 
1 x Heat-resistant Repair Pad 
This is suitable for taking apart any small electronics, like cell phones or portable gaming systems and for soldering projects.
R219.90  Inc VAT
Soldering Iron 1230 25W 220V (1C2 Magnum solder 1230 hand)
The Soldering Iron 1230 is the perfect iron for hobbiests, DIY home makers or someone who only has an occasional use for a Soldering Iron. The 1230 plugs straight into the wall, requiring no workstation at all. Soldering has never been so simple.

  • 220v 25w Thermally balanced soldering iron.
  • Temperature at rest ± 400 °C
  • Stainless steel element and barrel.
  • Long life iron-plated tips.
  • Support stand.
  • Plugs into any 220v AC power source.
R422.90  Inc VAT
Magnum Soldering Iron Stand (1C2 Magnum solder iron stand)

A much needed accessory for the entire range of Magnum Soldering Irons and Soldering Stations.

This Magnum cast iron soldering spring stand allows for a clean, safe and organised work surface. Included with a cellulose sponge.

R189.90  Inc VAT
Magnum SM100002 / EW-301 solder tip 0.8mm (1C2 Magnum EW-301tip)
Compatible with the following Magnum Soldering Irons: 1002, 1002 80w, 1220, 1012, 1230, 1000sp
R79.90  Inc VAT
Solder Iron Tip Steel Cleaning Wire Ball (1C2 Solder clean ball)
Features :

1. Made of high quality material, reliable in performance
2. Easy to clean soldering head without water
3. Remove residues quickly and effectively
4. It does not damage soldering head
5. Durable for long use
6. Avoid soldering tin from splashing everywhere

Specifications :

1. Material : Steel
2. Smokeless : Yes
3. Non-toxic : Yes

Package includes :

1 x Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Ball
R36.90  Inc VAT
CMT Welding Soldering Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Gold Cleaning Wire with Stand (1C2 solder tip cleaner pot)
No water necessary, maintain temperature for the iron to faster work cycle.
It cleans better than conventional sponges.
Specifications :

Color : Gold
Size : 70mm x 69mm x 69mm
Package includes : 

1 x Iron Tip Cleaner
R99.90  Inc VAT
0.8mm Soldering Wire 60/40 Tin Resin Flux Dispenser Tube Rosin Core Solder (1C2 Solder wire tube)
Specifications :

Model : 63Sn37Pb
Material : Tin
Diameter : 0.8mm
Height : 92mm
Length : 3m
Weight : 19g

Package includes :

1 x Tin Pen
R39.90  Inc VAT
Solder Wire Reel Dispenser Stand (1C4 solder dispenser stand)
Features :

Ideal for quickly dispensing solder, this solder reel holder features a weighted iron base and metal construction.
The Solder Reel positions a solder spool vertically, allowing the solder to neatly unwind as it is threaded through the loop at the end of its adjustable dispenser arm.
Boasting the base made of steel plate, the support is steady, and the spindle can mantle and dismantle conveniently and rotate flexibly.
Suitable for all kinds of roll of solder wire up to 1000g, which is a small tool ideal for the tin solder in the electronic industry.

Specifications :

Model: Tin Wire Spool Holder
Material: Metal, Plastic
Color: Black & Yellow
Item Size: approx.93mm x 83mm x 8.2mm
Weight: about 200g

Package includes :

1 x Tin Wire Spool Holder

R119.90  Inc VAT
Soldering Station SM2002 50W (1C5 Magnum station 2002)
    • Stepless temperature selection between 150°C & 450°C (302°F & 842°F)
    • Thermocouple sensing to maintain tip temperature within ± 5°C of selected temperature.
    • Electronic proportional control varies the heating period as required to maintain set temperature.
    • Heating pulse indicator.
    • Units earthed with potential balance socket.
    • Triac switching at zero-crossover point.
    • Robust ABS cabinet.
    • Illuminated rocker switch.
    • Safety-spring holder.
    • Cleaning sponge.
    • Spare tip storage.
    • Potential balance socket.
    • Supplied with standard SM100003 tip (EW-303)

Input220/240v 50/60Hz external 500mA fuse  
Output24v AC 2A  (50W model)
SizeL200mm W120mm H110mm  (without spring holder)
R1,581.25  Inc VAT
MS Flux PEN for DIY Solar cell Panels and soldering projects (1C2 Misol flux pen)


  • No-Clean Flux
  • Net volume: 10ml
  • Shelf life @ 25 degree C: 2 year
  • Push the pen tip to start the flux flow
  • Keep the pen cap on when not in use.


  • When coming into contact with skin, please wash the area immediately to avoid skin irritation.
  • Do not consume.
  • Please store in a safe location where children can not reach it.
R49.90  Inc VAT
2.0mm 0.75m Desoldering Braided Solder Remover Wick (1C2 2mm desolder wick)
Please Note:   The packaging claims it is 1.5m, but actually it is 0.75m.

Type : CP-2015
Length : 0.75M
Width : 2.0mm

How to use :

1.Place the desoldering wick over the solder to be removed,then put the heated soldering iron tip onto the desoldering wick.The solder will be absorbed.
2.Remove the desoldering wick after the solder has been absorbed.
3.Cut off the used section of the wick using nippers.
4.Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 if the solder is not removed completely.
Absorption may differ depending on the type of solder.Sn63% and 60% (tin content) have good absorption ability.

Package Includes :
1 x 2.0mm 0.75m Desoldering Wick CP-2015
R19.90  Inc VAT
Geekcreit® Christmas Tree LED Kit 3D DIY Electronic Learning Kit Three Colours (2C3 christmas tree kit)
This is a DIY kit. Soldering is required.

The CTR-30 flashing Christmas tree kit consists of three circuit boards, allows 36 LED to flash alternately, showing a Christmas tree a three-dimensional profile (We don't have to mention that it looks better in the dark).


Kit Model: CTR-30C (Colourful light)
Operating voltage: USB DC4.5-5V
Power supply: USB charger (The adapter is not included, only the USB cable)
Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm x 135mm (L x W x H)

Instructions available at this link

Package includes:

1 x Christmas Tree LED Flash Kit
R119.90  Inc VAT
Foil Copper Tape Single Sided Conductive Self Adhesive 6mm x10m (Copper tape 6mm)
Product name: Conductive copper foil tape
Material: CU
Colloidal components: Conductive adhesive
Adhesion: 1.5 ~ 1.3kg / 25mm
Temperature resistance: -10 ℃ --- 120 ℃
Elongation: 7-7% to 3-4%
Color: Copper
Length: Approx. 10m/393"
Width: Approx. 6mm/0.23"

-Single-sided conductive copper foil tape.
-Single-sided conductive, radiation, high temperature, interference, electrical conductivity and strong.
-Easy to tear, no adhesive residue, for a wide range of applications
-For electromagnetic radiation interference have better shielding effect, for electrostatic discharge have good grounding performance and also for soldering purposes.

Package Includes:
1x Copper foil tape
R59.90  Inc VAT
2M 0.15x5mm Nickel Plated Steel Sheet Strap Strip For Battery Spot Welding (2m nickel strip)
Material: SPCC
Color: Silver
Weight: 21g
Length: 2 M
Width: 5 mm
Thickness: 0.15 mm

- Nickel plated steel sheet
- Low Resistance,corrosion resistance
- Excellent gloss,ductility,solderability
- Widely used in Ni-Mh battery, lithium battery,power tools,cellphone and pc batteries

Package includes:
1 X Nickel Plated Steel Sheet 2m
R95.90  Inc VAT
Magnum Soldering Iron 1012 (1C5 12V SM1012 soldering iron)
The Soldering Iron 1012 is great for remote locations where electricity is not easily accessible, for emergencies or for car repairs and installations of alarms, radios and tracking systems.

  • 12v 30w Thermally balanced soldering iron (also available in a 24v 30w).
  • Operating Temperature ± 400 °C
  • Stainless steel heating element with barrel.
  • Long life iron-plated tips.
  • Support stand.
  • Battery clips connect to car battery.
  • Supplied with standard SM100003 tip (EW-303).
This is a stand alone soldering iron and doesn't require a soldering station
R509.90  Inc VAT
Magnum SM100008 / EW-307 solder tip 3.2mm (1C2 Magnum EW-307 tip)
Compatible with the following Magnum Soldering Irons: 1002, 1002 80w, 1220, 1012, 1230, 1000sp
R79.90  Inc VAT
Helping Hand Clamp Tool with Magnifier (1C1 Helping Hand Clamp)

Ever felt like you need a third hand when soldering or fiddling with little components?  How about two extra mini crocodile-clip hands, with the addition of a magnifying glass, which also looks like a mini robot?

Well, we think you'll love this helping hand then! Perfect for gripping PCB's, small components, or even as a nice stand for your Raspberry Pi.


  • 'Third Hand' Tool with integrated Magnifying Glass
  • Adjustable joints for movement in all directions
  • 2 x Strong alligator clips hold work securely
  • Heavy cast iron base for added stability
  • Distortion free magnifying glass
R119.90  Inc VAT
Soldering Station SM2000 50W (1C5 Magnum station 2000)
The Soldering Station 2000 comes standard with the Soldering Iron 1000sp. They have been designed to operate together.

  • General purpose 24vAC 50w transformer station.
  • Safety-spring holder.
  • Cleaning sponge.
  • Spare tip storage.
  • Potential balance socket.
  • Supplied with standard SM100003 tip (EW-303)

R1,316.75  Inc VAT
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