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Modular RPi4 Case - VESA Splash (75/100mm) (vesa bracket 75/100)
If you want to mount your Modular Raspberry Pi Case to a TV or monitor, we have two mounts available depending on your VESA spacing requirements:
  • The VESA Splash (a 4-point 75/100mm mount) (this item)
  • The VESA Slice (a minimal 75/100/200mm mount)
Both connect to the Modular Case via the case assembly screws, and the mounts are fully compatible with all add-ons. The mounts are compatible with our Raspberry Pi 4 Modular case.
Features (VESA Splash)
  • Four bolting points
  • MIS-D 75mm & MIS-D 100mm Spacing (M4)
  • Great for media & signage applications e.g. hiding behind a TV or monitor
  • Made from laser-cut Perspex

What's in the box?

4 x M4 Bolts
4 x M4 Washers
1 x Vesa mount

    R49.90  Inc VAT
    TT DC Gear Motor Mounting Bracket (yellow motor bracket)
    I am sure you love the DC geared motor with wheel bundle (not included), but mounting it to the robot base or platform will be a pain because there is no proper mounting bracket available.

    Now, we are happy to say that the pain is over, this is the bracket designed for that DC geared motor, and it is super strong and rigid as it is aluminum.


    • Material: Rigid Aluminum Alloy
    • Length: 22mm
    • Width: 12mm
    • Thickness: 5mm
    • Dimension:

    What's in the box?

    1 x mounting bracket
    4 x screws
    2 x nuts

    You will also need...

    TT DC Gear motor

    R38.90  Inc VAT
    Wall Mounting Bracket (wall mount bracket)

    This wall mounting bracket can be used to mount your Raspberry Pi case to a wall or bench! It can be used with our PIR Camera Case for Raspberry Pi 4/3. Coupled with a Raspberry Pi case, this wall mounting bracket enables the use of your Raspberry Pi as a flexible monitoring system, with a variable angle of operation. The bracket itself allows the mounted object to be tilted or swiveled, and fixed using thumb screws when it's located in the correct position.

    Each bracket can support up to 3.5kg, can be mounted to wooden stud or brick/concrete/hollow-block walls, and includes the hardware necessary for either type of mounting option. Additionally, the kit includes M5 x 12 bolts for mounting a device to the brackets.

    Please note. This purchase is for the wall mounting bracket, and mounting hardware only

    The Wall Mounting Bracket Kit Features:

    • Tilt angle: -24° to 15°
    • Swivel angle: ~75° left and right
    • Thumb screws for easy angle adjustments
    • Bracket max. weight: up to 3.5kg (7.7 lbs)

    What's in the box?

    1 x Wall Mounting Bracket
    2 x M5 x12 Bolts
    2 x M5 Nuts
    2 x Wall / Ceiling M4 x 25 Mounting Screws
    2 x Plastic Anchors
    R99.90  Inc VAT
    Bracket for Ultrasonic HC-SR04 (acrylic bracket HC-SR04)
    Everyone likes the SR04 ultrasonic range finder. This is the bracket for this useful distance sensor, enables you to mount the sensor to your mobile robot or project easily.

    Watch the video at


    • Colour: Clear
    • Material: Acrylic, please tear off the protective cover
    • Size: ~ 50mm x 36mm x 3mm
    • Stationary ultrasonic sensor modules
    • Matches HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor module
    • Two mounting holes with M3 diameter (3.0mm)
    • Distance between two mounting holes: ~ 14mm

    What's in the box?

    1 x acrylic bracket
    R11.90  Inc VAT
    PIR Camera Case for Raspberry Pi 4 (Pi4 cam case pir)

    The PIR Camera Case makes it easy to create a motion-sensing camera project with your Raspberry Pi 4.

    It's the perfect case for anyone wishing to make an indoor security camera, pet monitor, baby monitor, office cam or any other project where you'd like to use a camera module to record whoever (or whatever!) moves in front of your camera. The case comes with the PIR module and wires.

    Please note:
    Only compatible with the official Raspberry Pi Camera Module Raspberry Pi and camera module not included!

    Mounted PIR and Camera Module
    The case comes with the PIR module and wires included. The PIR module is neatly mounted to the front of the case and the three PIR wires connect directly to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins (5V, GND and GPIO 17). The camera module (not included) is also mounted to the front of the case, and connected in the usual way (CSI connector), with the ribbon cable neatly tucked into the case. A clear lens ring protects your camera from any unexpected knocks or bumps.

    Easy to Code
    Coding the project is super-simple, and to help you get started we've created a GitHub repository dedicated to this case. The GitHub repository takes you through setup, basic commands and full Python project examples showing the PIR module and camera working together.

    You can expand on these however you like, adding other functions such as cloud storage upload, video effects, alerts and more!

    Please remember PIR sensors can be temperamental (and can also be impacted by WiFi, heat and other interference) so will need some tweaking to reduce excessive false triggers.


    We include two sets of side panels to make this case compatible with both the Raspberry Pi 4.

    In the box

    • Case panels
    • Lens protector ring
    • Fixings pack
    • PIR sensor
    • PIR cable

    Example Scripts and Resources

    Case Assembly Guide


    • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4
    • Laser-cut high quality "stealth" matt black perspex
    • PIR module and wires included
    • Camera protection ring
    • Example code available
    • Easy assembly
    • Enables access to all Raspberry Pi ports
    • Includes all required fixings
    • Manufactured in the UK

    Please note: Raspberry Pi and Camera Module not included. Wall mounting bracket not included.

    R240.10  Inc VAT
    Pro Mini Camera Mount for Raspberry Pi Zero (pro mini cam mount zero)

    Raspberry Pi, Camera, cables and tripod not included!

    We designed this mount to create an affordable, tripod-compatible solution to help you monitor "things" with your Pi Zero and Official Raspberry Pi Camera Module - great for keeping an eye on 3D prints, monitoring rooms, access points, timelapsing plants and more!

    You don't need to mount it on a tripod as it will happily sit on a desk or shelf, but it has a 1/4" hole ready in case you do (you'll need a nut as this isn't threaded).

    There are some great ready-to-go software/OS options out there for these kinds of projects, such as OctoPrint for 3D printers and MotionEyeOS for turning your Pi and camera module into an IP camera. Both of these options allow viewing on your smartphone too!

    The mount comes as a kit which requires some simple assembly.

    Other Parts Required

    This listing is for the mount only, which includes the laser-cut Perspex parts and fixings.

    You will also need:

    Optional Parts

    Fancy mounting this on a tripod? You'll need the following parts:

    What's in the box?

    2 Perspex layers and a bag of fixings


    R89.90  Inc VAT
    DIN Rail Mounts (Din rail mount brackets)
    If you're planning on using them with your own boards or enclosures, the spacing between the mounting holes is 33mm. The holes are 2.75mm but work with M3 screws.


    • Material: PVC
    • Colour: Green
    • Dimensions:
      • length: 84mm
      • width: 11mm
    • Mounting holes: 2.75mm (33mm apart)

    What's in the box?

    2 x mounting clips
    4 x M3 mounting screws
    R74.90  Inc VAT
    Raspberry Pi ZERO Acrylic Mounting Plate for High Quality Camera (HQ ZERO mount plate kit)

    Note: The Raspberry PiHigh Quality Camera and flexible tripod not included)

    An affordable, simple solution to mounting your Raspberry Pi to your Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera.

    Easy to assemble, the plate attaches to your High Quality Camera on one side, and your Raspberry Pi mounts to the other side – spacers and fixings are included in the pack.

    Combine with our affordable flexible tripod for a great project foundation!

    What's in the box?

    1 x Mount plate
    8 x 5mm male to female brass spacers
    8 x M2.5 SS nuts
    8 x M2.5x4mm SS screws

    Assembly guide

    1. Install the standoffs first using their male threaded sides. Four on one side of the plate to mount the RPi Zero and four on the other side of the plate to mount the camera. Secure them in place by tightening their nuts.

    2. Mount the RPi board and camera board using the screws. (In no particular order)
    3. Connect your RPi and HQ cam with the ribbon cable.

    R49.90  Inc VAT
    RPi4/Zero/Modular/HighPi Acrylic VESA bracket 75/100mm (PS vesa bracket 75/100)
    If you want to mount your HighPi case, Modular case, Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi Zero board to a TV or monitor, have a look at our multi function VESA plate. Great for media & signage applications e.g. hiding behind a TV or monitor.

    The VESA plate works on displays with 75/100mm mounting points (MIS-D 75mm & MIS-D 100mm Spacing (M4)) and has multiple mounting points to directly mount the below with the additional purchase of the recommended mounting gear where applicable:

    This plate comes with

    • 4 mounting holes for 100mm mounting points
    • 2 mounting holes for 75mm mounting points

    Easily mount this plate to our

    What's in the box?

    4 x Nylon M4 Bolts (to mount the plate to your display)
    4 x Nylon M4 Washers
    1 x Acrylic Vesa mount

      R49.90  Inc VAT
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