Official Raspberry Pi standard HDMI to mini HDMI Cable 1m White for Zero

R44.90  Inc VAT

The Raspberry Pi Foundation Official HDMI cables are now available from PiShop! Designed to offer optimal performance and functionality from the Raspberry Pi Zero, they're gracefully branded with the Raspberry Pi logo, made with ultra high quality materials and built to a world class specification. Triple layer shielding and nickel plated contacts ensure maximum signal transfer.

The Official Raspberry Pi HDMI Cables Feature:

  • Standard HDMI Male to mini HDMI Male
  • 30/6.0 HDMI cable full 19+1pins, 30AWG, 6.0MM
  • Nickel Plated Contacts for Optimal Contact Performance, Maximum Signal Transfer and Corrosion Resistance
  • Availability: 354
  • Model: Zero white mini HDMI 1m
  • Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi