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Programming the Pico - Simon Monk (book MM programing Pico)


The new book by Simon Monk out in the microcontroller world: Programming the Pico: Learn Coding and Electronics with the Raspberry Pi Pico. The book is all about programming the Raspberry Pi Pico with MicroPython (although it is referred to as Python).

This book will teach you Python programming and some basic electronics without assuming any prior knowledge of either subject. The book initially focusses on Python programming, building up a Morse Code example using the Raspberry Pi Pico's built-in LED. Once you have mastered the basics of coding the Pico, the book will introduce electronics, showing you how to use sensors, switches, LEDs, servomotors and displays attached to your Pico.
All the parts used in the book are available in a companion kit by MonkMakes Ltd. available from suppliers world-wide.
Discover how to:

  • install and use the Thonny Python editor and upload programs to your Pico
  • write simple programs to control the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • structure your programs with functions and modules
  • make effective use of Python Lists and Dictionaries
  • attach sensors, LEDs, servomotors and displays to your Pico and, to program them.
  • make use of the Pico's advanced input/output capabilities
What's in the box?

1 x book: Programming the Pico


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