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USB cables/adapters
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3A Raspberry Pi4 Power Cable USB Type C Female to USB Type C Male with Switch White (switch F2M USB C white)

Great for adding a power switch to your Raspberry Pi without any modifications required to your Pi or your power cable.

Specifications :

1. Interface : USB Type C Female to USB Type C Male
2. Current : 3A
3. Length : 270mm approx
4. Weight : 34g approx
5. Use for : Raspberry Pi 4
6. With ON/OFF switch button , so that you can power on and off the Raspberry Pi conveniently.
7. Colour: White

Package Includes :

1 x USB Type C Power Cable with switch
R53.90  Inc VAT
Kenton 2A USB A to Type C Fast Charging Data Cable white (Kenton Type C power white cable)


Brand: Bakeey
Colour: white
Cable Length: 1m
Cable Plug: USB Type C to USB A
Product Weight: 20g
Technical Parameters:
Wire Core: Copper
Wire Material: PVC
Cable Current: 5V-3A max

Package  Includes:
1 x Bakeey 3A Type C USB Fast Charging Data Cable
R69.90  Inc VAT
Sata To USB 3.0 Adapter Support 2.5Inch External SSD HDD Hard Drive 22 Pin Sata III A25 2.0 (Sata to USB3 cable)
Please Note: Only for use with 2.5inch notebook HDD and SSD, not for use with 3.5 inch desktop HDD


Comply with serial ATA2.0 standards.
Compatible with USB port (1.0,1.1 &2.0) & SATA Hard disk (1.5 GB/S & 3 GB/s).
Added USB2.0 independent power supply interface, support 2.5 "high-capacity memory driver.
Compatible with Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)/Vista (32-bit/64-bit)/XP (32-bit/64-bit)/server 2003 & 2008 (32-bit/64-bit) system A


1. Adapter SATA III USB 3.0 Cable External Hard Drive USB to Serial ATA 22pin Converter Hard Disk 6 Gbps for 2.5" HDD/SSD.
2. This USB 3.0 to SATA Converter Cable connects any standard 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) to a computer through USB 3.0 ports. It's a ideal for you to backup files or upgrade your notebook hard driver.
3. SATA 3 specification Support speed up to 6Gbps;
4. Easy and quick access to external storage;
5. LED activity indicator;
6. Fully compatible with USB 3.0 and backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.1;
7. Plug and play,hot-swapping;
8. Support Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X.
What's in the box?

1 x  Sata Cable for 2.5" SSD/HDD
R119.90  Inc VAT
Kenton 2A USB A to Type C Fast Charging Data Cable black (Type C cable black 2A)


These cables are fast charging because of the quality of the cable. But more importantly the length and thickness. If these are properly adjusted to maintain low resistance then we get most out of that cable.


Brand: Kenton
Colour: Black
Cable Length: 1m
Cable Plug: USB Type C to USB A
Technical Parameters:
Wire Core: Copper
Wire Material: PVC
Cable Current: 5V 2A max

Package  Includes:
1 x 2A Type C USB Fast Charging Data Cable
R99.90  Inc VAT
USB A male to USB micro B male 1m (USB cable micro 1m)

    Great for data transfer or powering your Raspberry Pi Zero

    • Can be used for data transmission
    • USB Type A to micro B cable
    • USB 2.0
    • Tested for Compatibility with the Raspberry Pi
    • 1m Long
    • Colour: Black
    • Connector Type A: USB 
    • Connector Type B: Micro USB

    What's in the box?

    1 x 1m USB cable
      R24.90  Inc VAT
      2.5A USB A to Type C Cable black 1m (black USB A to C Cable 1m)


      USB-C is fantastic! What makes this cable even better is that one of the features we love so much about USB-C has been replicated to the USB-A 2.0 plug! USB-C has a minor, yet genius modifications that allow them to be plugged into their ports regardless of orientation. No longer will you fight the USB "super position" where both orientations of your plug seem incorrect. A simple solution to a problem that nearly everyone has faced.

      As announced Raspberry Pi 4 model B has upgraded the power input port to USB-C and you will need this cable to power it. Although it is terminated with USB-A 2.0, the power wires (VUSB and GND) have thicker gauge and we have tested it. This cable can delivers up to 2.5A to Raspberry Pi 4 model B.

      Supporting USB 2.0 speeds and charging up to 2.5A, this 1 meter cable is perfect for embedded enthusiast that need the flexibility of a good cable and the wonderful feel of a reversible USB-C & USB-A connection. It is perfect if you want to boot up Raspberry Pi 4 Model B from a laptop. Not to forget to connect microcontroller development board like M5Stack.

      This cable has the D /D- wires along side large-gauge VBUS/GND wires. Although it is rated for 2A, we've successfully pulled [email protected] with minimal voltage drop.


      • Standard USB-A connector
      • Reversible USB-C connector
      • USB 2.0 standard
      • 1 meter cable length

      What's in the box?

      1 x black USB A to C Cable 1m
      R56.90  Inc VAT
      USB A to USB B cable 1m (USB A to B Arduino 1m)

      The staple of any USB connection, the USB A to B cable connects any standard host device (computer, hub, or controller) to any standard peripheral (printer, scanner, external drive).


      1. USB 2.0 specification
      2. Connector: USB 2.0-A male > USB 2.0-B male
      3. Cable length: 1m
      4. For use with Arduino

      What's in the box?

      1 x USB A to B cable

      R17.90  Inc VAT
      Dual Output Cable - USB A to 2.1mm DC Barrel & Micro USB (USB to jack and micro)

      • USB 2.0 type A to USB micro B and 2.1mm DC Barrel
      • Data and power is connected to USB micro B
      • Power is connected to DC Barrel Plug
      • Cable length: ~ 1 meter
      • Colour: Black

      What's in the box?
      1 x USB A to 2.1mm DC Barrel & Micro USB
      R49.90  Inc VAT
      USB Audio Input/Output Dongle black (USB sound black IN/OUT)

      This nifty little USB pig-tail adds audio input and output through USB. It's a cheap and cheerful solution for audio input to your Raspberry Pi, and the short cable design means it plays nicely with the other USB ports on a Pi.

      After testing a wide range of USB audio dongles, this was the winner through being simple, low on noise and artefacts, and free from pointless buttons, bells, and whistles. The ferrite bead on the cable is a nice little extra.


      In Raspbian, this device should show up in the audio control panel automagically (go to the Raspberry Pi menu, then Preferences, then Audio Device Settings, and select USB PnP Sound Device).

      We recommend providing a good signal to the input, as it provides no gain/boost for passive mics.

      Once you're up and running, record audio input on your Pi, in the terminal, by typing:
      arecord -D plughw:1 -f cd /tmp/recording.wav

      Add quality audio input output to your Raspberry Pi

      This nifty little USB pig-tail adds audio input and output through USB
      R139.90  Inc VAT
      MAIWO K104 Tool-Free USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Drive Enclosure for 2.5inch HDD SSD - Black (Sata USB enclosure)
      Please note: This item does not include the drive. Only the enclosure and cable adapter.


      1. Brand model: MAIWO K104
      2. Colour: black / white
      3. Suitable for: 2.5inch HDD SSD(less than 9.5mm thickness)
      4. Hard disk interface: SATA I II III (hard disk is not included)
      4. Interface: USB 3.0
      5. Chip: JMS567
      6. Weight: 50g
      7. Material: PP ABS
      8. Support system: Window XP/ Vista / 7/ 8/ 10 for Mac os and Raspberry Pi 4
      9. Dimensions: 130mm x 79mm x 17mm


      1. Practical and easy to use, support hot-swap, plug and play,  you can take the drive line out and connect the hard disk to use directly.
      2. Support 2.5inch HDD/SSD to read and write.
      3. Support SATA I II III hard disk, USB3.0 transfer interface, max speeds can reach up to 5Gbps; Installed top-grade JMS567 chip-set.
      4. Tool free installation, the enclosures uses a buckle design, convenient to use.
      5. Shockproof design, to prevent the hard disk violent shaking, protect your hard disk.
      6. Multiple protection, make your data transmission more secure, support over voltage protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection etc.

      Package includes:

      1 x MAIWO K104 Tool-Free USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Disk Enclosures for 2.5inch HDD SSD
      R299.90  Inc VAT
      USB to RS485 Converter Adapter (USB RS485 converter)

      USB connector: USB A
      No need external power, powered by USB port
      Fully compliant USB 2.0 standard , backward compatible with USB1.1
      Support System: Windows XP , Vista, Windows 7 , Linux , MacOS , and WinCE5.0 drive
      Supports baud rate range : 75bps - 115200bps , up to 6Mbps
      Work temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
      Communication distance :1200m(max)
      Dimensions:61mm x 16mm x 13mm
      Colour: Black

      All kinds with RS485 port device parameter settings , data communication
      Short distance , such as parameter settings of the computer peripheral equipment , the use of common data lines eg:
      • LED display of communication data
      • Machine PLC data reading and writing
      • Monitoring data read and write , and PTZ control
      • centralized control of household electrical appliances
      • Access Control System ; card
      • a variety of industrial automation ; instrumentation
      • Parking ; bus fees
      • Dining Hall ; staff attendance
      • highway toll station; ATM machine

      Package Includes:
      1 x USB to RS485 Converter
      R29.90  Inc VAT
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