The PiHut 3 in 1 Camera Lens Set

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This lovely little lens set is the best way to expand the field of view of your Raspberry Pi camera! 

This lens kit means that you can use your camera module in many exciting ways:

  • 1x Wide-angle lens: Ideal for capturing those landscape shots/night sky time-lapses
  • 1x Macro lens: Beautiful close-up images of anything from insects to circuit boards
  • 1x Fish-eye lens: Security systems and crazy 180° FOV shots

Perfect for taking shots from anywhere from your desk to the edge of space this lens comes with a back splint which means you can also use it with other camera devices such as your mobile phone.

Each lens screws into the clip which fits perfectly onto your camera module.

We gave Dave Ackerman (of space Babbage fame) a lens to take on his trip to Spain with The Register so it's even been tested in space (well nearly)!

  • Compatible with the known universe *
  • High-class glass lens, high clarity.
  • No vignetting or dark circle.
  • Lens covers to protect the camera lenses
  • Material: ABS & aluminum alloy
  • Compatible with the official Raspberry Pi Camera Modules

* well most of it, we think.

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  • Model: PiHut camera lens kit
  • Manufacturer: The PiHut