4 Way Speaker Terminal Strip Block Push Release Connector Plate

R39.91  Inc VAT
1.Product: 4 Terminal Speaker Connector Plate
2.Type: Push Release Type
3.Material: Plastic, Metal
4.RoHS: Yes
5.Rated Load: AC 50V 3A
6.Wire Range: AWG 24-16
7.Temperature: -40 to 55 C
8.Contact Resistance: <= 0.03 Ohm
9.Insulation Resistance: >= 100M Ohm
10.Withstand Voltage: AC 500V 1 Minute
11.Actuating Force: 1 Kgf
12.Colour Polarity Coding: Red/Black
13.Life: >10000 Times
14.Position:4 Way (1 row)
15.Mounting Hole Center Distance: 60mm/ 2.4inch
16.Pin Quantity:4 pin

1. 4 pins, 4 positions, spring load design, push type speaker terminal board.
2. The spring loaded terminals ensure a solid connection.

Package includes:
1 x Speaker Terminal Strip
  • Availability: 23
  • Model: 4 terminal speaker connecter
  • Manufacturer: Generic