45W Mini Portable UPS with 15, 19, 24VDC POE and 5, 9, 12VDC Output Interface with Wide 85~265VAC Voltage Adapter Built-in

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Product Concept and Application:
    Power adapter and mini ups 2 in 1 is anti-surge online power DC transformer = AC to DC mini UPS Adapter (Transformer).it's a DC UPS Adaptor designed to provide emergency power backup to all kinds of DC power equipment such as routers, modems, set-top box, VOIP phone systems, surveillance system, alarm system and many critical telecom equipment. it can provide hours of operation during power failure at a low price of a traditional UPS.

Mini UPS Application:
Mini ups widely use for fingerprint attendance machine, Fire safety system, security monitoring system, wireless camera, CCTV camera ,personal treatment system,Door security  system, personal data assistant, emergency lighting, Alarm system, personal communication systems, radio, digital cameras, camcorders, video camera,Bluetooth devices,  set-top box, VOIP phone systems, surveillance system, alarm system and many critical telecom equipment. 

It can use to a DC power supply for variety of Network Equipment, Low-Watt computers, Electronic Products, you can have a variety of advantages after using online power transformer.
    1. The anti-surge protection.
    2. Online non-stop Power Supply when electric power is off.
    3. Smaller Size, Lighter Weight, Reduce costs BUT with UPS function.
    4. Anywhere can display your equipment in none electric power environment,
    5. For user in electric power unstable region, they would like to use the product with anti-surge protection.
    6. For user in stable electric power supply region, they would like to continue use product when electric power is off.
    7. The same conditions for on line UPS, we are saving more energy efficient 10%~ 30% than traditional UPS.

Product Features:

    •  Portable 

    •With Li battery 8800mAH 

    •DC 5v,9v/12v15v/24v selectable 

    •With POE port

    •Input Voltage :100V - 240V AC 

    •Small DC communication equipment, network peripherals such as: Modem, routers ,IP camera etc.

    •Constant DC output, long backup time, smart chip control, zero transition.

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