4M 240LEDS WS2812B Non-Waterroof 5050 RGB LED Strip Light Individual Addressable DC 5V Black PCB

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-Based on high quality SMD5050 RGB LEDs embed(Built-in) integrated WS2811 control ICs, each LED is independently addressable (30/60 individually addressable LEDs in 1 meter), opening up entirely new lighting possibilities.
-WS2812, 5050 SMD W/ WS2811 IC Built in30/60 RGB LEDs per meter
-One WS2811 IC control ONE LED Chip
-Each LED is individually addressable, with 8 bits of green, red and blue data shifted in for 24 bit color
-Strip can be cut one by one led chip.
-Work Voltage: 5V DC 
-Work Wattage:72W
-Width: 10mm
Note: Power supply and controller are not included
Package includes:
1 x 4m RGB LED Strip
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  • Model: 2B2 RGB strip 4m
  • Manufacturer: Generic