37-in-1 Sensor Module Kit

Use this kit as inputs for sensing and outputs for reporting in your projects. Compatible with all models of Arduino and Raspberry Pi
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Use this kit as inputs for sensing and outputs for reporting in your projects.
You are purchasing a fantastic set of components to get you started! You can
measure light, time, magnetic fields, temperature, humidity...you can measure sound and create sound, you can measure tilt and user input! All of these components are presented on easy to access boards and allow you to connect them rapidly to the Arduino or Raspberry Pi, RP2040 Pico, ESP board.


Product Dimensions: 10.63 x 7.09 x 1.73 inches
Item Weight: 14.1 ounces 
Number of modules: 37

What's in the box?:

1 x XY JoyStick
1 x Relay
1 x Big Sound
1 x Small Microphone
1 x Tracking
1 x Avoid
1 x Flame
1 x Linear Hall
1 x Touch
1 x Digital Temperature
1 x Buzzer
1 x Passive Buzzer
1 x 2-Color LED
1 x 2-Color
1 x Reed Switch
1 x Mini Reed
1 x Heartbeat
1 x 7 Color Flash
1 x Laser
1 x Button
1 x Shock
1 x Rotary Encoders
2 x Magic Cup
1 x Tilt Switch
1 x Ball Switch
1 x Photo resistor
1 x Temp and Humidity
1 x Analog Hall
1 x Hall Magnetic
1 x TEMP
1 x Analog Temp
1 x IR Emission
1 x IR Receiver
1 x Tap module
1 x Light Blocking


We found a nice tutorial that covers most of the sensors here
We found this article explaining what the sensors are used for: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-37-in-1-Sensors-Kit-Explained/?ALLSTEPS
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