Resolute Robotics Beginner Stream - 4 In 1 Engineering And Computer Sciences Robotics Kit

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This package offers a year-long robotics course. The course commences with the fundamentals of robotics and coding as well as the importance of simulation.


Once the fundamentals are covered, students take part in a practical project where they’re required to build an automated hand sanitiser. An infra-red sensor will detect a hand and the system will discharge a small amount of soap or sanitiser. The second project in the course is a practical project called the Home Automation System. In this project, students will demonstrate the practical application of servo motors, temperature sensors, infrared sensors, fans, buzzers, lighting and a security system feature in a home automation system.


After completing these two practical projects, the course will introduce students to the world's most popular coding language: Python. Throughout the course, students will learn how to develop several applications such as Tic Tac Toe, Hangman and Pong. They’ll also be introduced to libraries such as Turtle to help grow their understanding of how programming works and how code is read by the computer.



The Resolute Beginner’s Kit is a great way to get started in the world of robotics and coding. It includes all the components required to build projects like the Automated Hand Sanitiser, the Home Automation System and much more. There are also fun challenges to test the students’ understanding of what they’ve learned. This kit gives you access to an online platform where step-by-step video instructions are provided to help you learn and build with ease.

Additional Requirements:

  • Internet Connection
  • Laptop, PC or Mac
    • 1.4 GHz CPU or higher
    • Minimum of 10GB free storage on your device
  • Recycled Material (such as cardboard)
  • An Interest to Learn.



  • Video-based learning for each project, task and concept taught in the course. 
  • Plug and play: No soldering required, build your circuit in minutes.



  • Arduino Uno
  • Digital Multimeter (9V Battery Banana to crocodile cable included)
  • Mini Screwdriver Set
  • DC Motor Water Pump
  • DC / DC Buck (LM2596)
  • Analog Temperature Sensor Module
  • Brushless Fan DC 5V
  • AC Power Supply
  • Reed sensor module (with Mini Magnets)
  • Tubing
  • Breadboard x 2
  • 20cm Male-to-Female Jumper Cable x 2
  • 65pcs Male-to-Male Jumper Wires x 2
  • MG90S Metal Gear Micro Servo x 2
  • Relay (5V 1 Channel Module) x 2
  • 9V Battery Button Power Cable x 2
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Active Buzzer x 2
  • Infrared Sensor x 4
  • Push-button Pack
  • Resistor Pack
  • Variable Resistor Pack
  • LED Pack
  • RGB LED x 2
  • Phototransistor
  • Extra wires (8 core solid wire) for Breadboard use


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