Case Fan and heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4 Official case

Upgrade your official RPi4 case with this fan and heatsink. Please note: The case is not included
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Please note: The case is not included


The Raspberry Pi 4 Case Fan works with Raspberry Pi 4 and the Raspberry Pi 4 Case. Designed for overclockers and other power users, it keeps your Raspberry Pi 4 at a comfortable operating temperature even under heavy load.

The temperature-controlled fan delivers up to 1.4 CFM of airflow over the processor, memory, and power management IC. The bundled 18mm × 18mm × 10mm heatsink with self-adhesive pad improves heat transfer from the processor.


Input voltage: 5V DC supplied via 40-pin GPIO header on Raspberry Pi 4
Fan speed control: Pulse width modulation control via user-selectable GPIO pin
Maximum airflow: 1.4CFM
Case Material: Clear PC
Fan size: 25mm x 25mm x 7mm
Compliance: For a full list of local and regional product approvals please visit:

• Fits perfectly into the lid of the official Raspberry Pi 4 Case
• Temperature-controlled fan delivers up to 1.4CFM of air flow over the processor, memory and power-management IC
• 18mm × 18mm × 10mm heatsink with self-adhesive pad improves heat transfer from the processor

What's in the box?:

1 x  25mm x 25mm x 7mm fan
1 x 18mm × 18mm × 10mm heatsink
1 x housing for fan

Fitting Instructions

1 Insert Raspberry Pi 4 unit into the lower half (base) of the case, taking care to first remove any SD card, and to align the connectors with the apertures in the base.

2 Insert the case fan into the upper half (lid) of the case, with the fan pointing away from the lid. The two tabs on the fan housing should fit neatly into the inside of the tabs on the lids, and the slightly curved edge of the housing should be flush with the underside of the lid.

3 If you are also fitting the heatsink, remove the backing paper from the selfadhesive pad on the base of the heatsink, position it centrally over the processor and gently press it in position.

4 Connect the wires from the fan to the Raspberry Pi 4 40-pin GPIO header as follows:

Lead          Colour    GPIO Pin
5v                RED         4
Ground        BLACK      6
GPIO 14       BLUE        8

5 Assemble the case.

Using your fan

Once you have connected your fan, by default it will be on whenever your Raspberry Pi is running. You can configure it to turn on only when your Raspberry Pi reaches a temperature that you choose.

Using a recent version of Raspberry Pi OS, first update to retrieve any recent changes to the operating system:

  1. Open the Terminal, either from the Start menu (click the Raspberry Pi icon in the top left corner) or by pressing Control Alt T.
  2. Type sudo apt update and then, when the update has finished, type sudo apt full-upgrade.

Then open the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool:

  1. Click on the Raspberry Pi icon in the top left corner and select Preferences then Raspberry Pi Configuration.
  2. Select the Performance tab.
  3. Next to Fan, click Enabled.
  4. If you have connected your fan as shown above, the default of 14 for Fan GPIO does not need to be changed.
  5. Select the Fan Temperature at which you want your fan to turn on. The default is 80°C, which will stop the Raspberry Pi throttling on difficult tasks without having the fan on all the time.
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