Clear Acrylic Raspberry Pi 5 Case(C), Fully closed case, Supports the Pimoroni NVMe board and Official Active Cooler

R139.90  Inc VAT
This case was designed for the Raspberry Pi 5 board with space to install the Pimoroni NVMe Base and  Official Active Cooler (The Raspberry Pi 5 board, NVMe Base and Active Cooler are NOT Included)

This DIY case requires assembly. You will need a small precision flathead screwdriver.(Included)

Clear 3mm Acrylic Panels to protect your Raspberry Pi 5.


Openings For

  • 40PIN GPIO
  • PCIe
  • DSI/CSI Interfaces
  • Wall mounting holes
  • Airflow Vents On The Top And Front
  • With Power On/Off Button
  • Pull & Plug TF Card On The Bottom

What's in the box?

1 x PI5 Acrylic Case A
1 x Nonskid rubber pad (4PCS)
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Screws and standoffs pack


Installation Instructions

1.With the logo facing down, push the four 20mm screws through the holes facing up. Each screw gets an acrylic 3mm spacer.

2. Install your SSD on the NVMe Base and slide it onto your acrylic base. Use the four black standoffs you received with your NVMe Base to hold your base in place.

3. It would be a good idea to mount the Active Cooler onto your Raspberry Pi 5 board before sliding it onto your base. Connect your NVMe ribbon cable to the Raspberry Pi board.

4. Use the four 18mm brass standoffs to secure the Raspberry Pi 5 board in place.

5. Install the 4 acrylic sides. Don't forget to slide the button into it's place.

6. Add the top and secure it with the four 6mm screws. It can be a bit tricky lining up all the holes.

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  • Model: Rpi5 case(C)PimNVMe
  • Brand: PiShop