Flexible Shaft Coupling OD18mmx25mm CNC Stepper Motor Coupler 5mm To 8mm

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Shaft misalignment can limit a machine’s performance, cause excessive vibration, high reaction loads, and accelerated wear, and often leads to premature equipment failure. Flexible Shaft Couplings can help prevent these issues by transmitting torque while compensating for parallel, angular, and axial misalignment between drive components. When installed correctly, flexible shaft couplings can also reduce vibration, minimize noise, and protect driveshaft components. 


  • Type:Flexible Shaft Coupling
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Size: 5mm x 8mm.
  • Outside Diameter: 19mm
  • Length: 25mm.
  • Colour: Silver
  • Main dimensions: d1=5mm,d2=8mm,D=19mm,L=25mm

5mm x 10mm Aluminum Flexible Shaft Coupling OD19mm x L25mm CNC Stepper Motor Coupler Connector


1) The structure is simple,easy to install,buffer,damping,convenient to disconnect.
3) The flexible connection can absorb vibration, compensate radial, angular and axial misalignment.
5)Shaft coupler Often used to connect servo motor, stepper motor,encoder screw driving machine platform etc.

The size refers to the hole, for example 5mm x 8mm is known as one head of the hole diameter is 5mm,the other is 8mm

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1x Flexible Shaft Coupling
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