Creality PLA Filament Silver 1 KG

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PLA (Polylactic acid) stands as an eco-friendly, odorless, and easily degradable material. Derived from renewable sources like corn or starch, it's a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester. Unlike ABS, PLA boasts a lower extrusion temperature and typically doesn't need a heated bed. It's the default choice for many desktop 3D printers, offering:

  • Exceptional toughness, strength, and stiffness
  • Nozzle clogs are rare; it adheres well to the print bed, resulting in smooth prints
  • Minimal shrinkage, ensuring dimensional stability during thermoforming
  • Precise 1.75mm diameter with minimal variations (+/-0.05mm) and roundness (+/-0.03mm)

Unique attributes:

  1. Diameter tolerance within +/-0.02
  2. Our modified PLA is less brittle, offering flexibility and a shelf life of at least one year
  3. Significantly tougher than standard PLA, enhancing strength and impact resistance
  4. Outstanding layer adhesion
  5. Exhibits high rigidity and a glossy finish.

What's in the box?

1 x Creality PLA Filament Silver 1Kg 
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