Creality Falcon2 22W Laser including Air Assist

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With four powerful 6W laser diodes compressed to increase its laser’s power to 22W, the Falcon2 22W laser engraver is more powerful and faster than ever. This engraver is packed with features, including integrated air assist, a triple monitoring system, and 5 safety and protection systems. From DIY home projects to education, from jewellery customisation to business signage, whatever you can think of, you can make with the Falcon2.


More Powerfull, High Speed Engraving

Based on the latest FAC spot compression technology, four powerful 6W laser diodes are compressed to increase the laser’s power to 22W. With 2x faster engraving speed - 25000mm per minute, Falcon2 allows you to spend less time creating more.

Integrated Air Assist, 3-Step Assembly

You can manually adjust the air assist steplessly through the knob, or automatically adjust the airflow through LightBurn, to remove smoke and protect the laser lens, bringing a cleaner result. Only 3 steps are needed for full assembly. You can enjoy creating as soon as possible.

Tripple Monitoring System

Airflow monitoring indicates the current airflow volume, enabling you to adjust the airflow based on engraving needs. Built-in lens monitoring triggers an alarm when the lens gets dirty, which helps avoid lens breakage and frequent replacement. Flame monitoring – when a flame is detected, the indicator flashes red with an alarm and the machine will stop immediately.

Safety Protections

Bi-directional limit switch: if the laser head reaches the boundary, the machine will stop immediately and a buzzer will sound an alarm. Active stop function: the machine will stop working in the case of an accidental tilt, flip or drop, with the buzzer and indicator sending an alert. Security lock design – for professional use only.

Further Safety Protections

Emergency stop button: if an emergency occurs during operation, you can also stop the machine immediately. Laser protective cover: made from high-efficiency red filter glass material, the protective cover around the laser head effectively protects eyes from laser dazzle.

Exceptional Motion Stability, Sliding Rail

The Falcon2 features outstanding motion stability – the full aluminium alloy design makes for a more solid machine, ensuring exceptional stability even in high-speed operation. Integrated rail and durable wheels: the integrated sliding rail keeps the running highly synchronised, while the U-shaped wear-resistant wheels make motion more stable.

Adjustable Risers, Silicone Foot Pads

There are 3 adjustment holes on the bottom of the machine to suit different table sizes. Adjustable risers: multi-segment equal-length risers to increase height, for engraving skateboards, basketballs and other taller objects; 8 sections are provided. Silicone foot pads: the newly designed foot pads help the machine stand firmly on the table, ensuring 360-degree non-slip operation.

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1 x Creality Flacon2 Laser

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