Deburring Tool for 3D Print Post Processing with blade set

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A deburring tool is another essential 3D printing tool because it helps with cutting extra material from your 3D prints. This tool is used with functional 3D prints which have holes. The section which sits directly on the build plate usually has a small amount of elephant’s foot and a deburring tool is the best solution for removing internal skirts and burrs from rough edges around circular holes. It’s a really cheap tool, so there’s no reason not to get one for a better 3D print result :)

This Deburring Tool includes a 360 rotational handle with a stainless steel blade that has the optimal profile for deburring 3D-printed plastic parts. If you buy with a blade set, you will get an extra 10pcs blade


Note: To change the blade and open the top cover, you need to press the button in the red circle.


  • Sharp & Durable Material - The blades are made of HSS high-speed steel. You could deburr pipes and assorted machined parts such as PVC or ABS pipes, Soft Metal (Aluminum, Copper), and Wood
  • Rotary Blades & Comfortable Handle - Rotary blade is specifically designed for cross holes, deep holes, straight edges, and curved edges. Plus, the aluminum alloy handle makes it easy to finish your cutting
  • Greatest Hand Deburring Tool - It is a nice little tool for a lathe. It is quicker than a grinder and can get into tight angles. So every craftsman is worth having a deburring tool set
  • Wide Application - Suitable for home use, plumbing applications or as a professional workshop tool.



Burr Handle
    • Material: Plastic
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: 125mm x 22mm
    • Weight: 26.3g


    • Material: M2 High-Speed Steel (HSS)
    • Hardness: 63RC
    • Blade Including Angle: 40 degree
    • Blade Lenght: 46mm
    • Blade Diameter: 3.2mm
    • Weight: 2.6g

What's in the box?

1 x Deburring tool
10 x blades

Replacement blades are available


How to use and reviews from My Tech Fun
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