DIN rail ABS Case for Raspberry Pi 5, large inner space, injection molding

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These DIN rail mountable enclosures are designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 5.

This is a DIN rail mountable enclosure with a transparent removable top for easy access!

The kit comes complete with DIN rail hook for ultra-fast mounting.

The unit features 36mm internal clearance from the Raspberry Pi PCB to the top of the case, so there's plenty of room for GPIO mounted expansion boards.

What's in the box?

1 x Pi 5 DIN Rail Case


1. press the rail lock by forefinger, then push it out by thumb as the picture shown

2. remove the bottom panel from the main part

3. fix the Raspberry Pi onto the bottom panel by screws

4. put on the bottom panel, aligning it with the buckle and USB connectors

5. snap another side

6. insert the rail lock (note the different sides, don't be upside down)

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