Duracell Rechargeable AA 2500mAh Batteries - 4 Pack

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Duracell Recharge Ultra AA batteries are our #1 longest-lasting per charge* and let you charge 400 times. With a Long-Life Ion Core you get amazing power in every battery. Plus, they come pre-charged so you can power your devices right away and will stay charged for up to 12 months, when not in use. Additionally, unused Duracell Recharge Ultra batteries are guaranteed to last 5 years. These powerful NiMH batteries work in any NiMH charger. With a longer-lasting charge and fewer recharges, Duracell Recharge Ultra AA batteries really do set themselves apart from the rest.


In a life full of energy you don’t want to be stopped. That’s why you use rechargeable batteries that quickly recharge themselves, you and your devices. But what if a simple recharge is not enough for your energy needs? What if you want the best performance from your high-drain devices like a digital camera or a wireless game controller? For those needs there are Duracell Recharge Ultra batteries. They last 85% longer per charge*. Duracell’s Duralock technology prevents them from losing power, so your batteries stay charged for up to 1 year (when not in use) and they last for 5 years guaranteed. Additionally, Duracell Recharge Ultra batteries are sold pre-charged so you can relax and power your devices right away. Powerful, isn’t it?

- Long-lasting power, charge after charge
- Up to 400 of recharges
- Up to 25 hours in a wireless game controller
- Up to 535 pictures with a digital camera
- 2500 mAh

What's in the box
4 x AA batteries

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