DIY Wooden Music Box STEM Kit

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Note: Not suitable for children under 4 years old!

Note: Download the softcopy instruction manual (English) here

Instruction video here


DIY Wooden Music Box STEM Kit is a music box that works by rotating a metal cylinder that has protruding pins that pluck every prong of a steel comb. The sounds that we hear are actually generated from the vibration of the prongs when the protruding pins make contact.


Let your kids experience the wonder of music creation through this DIY 13th century musical instrument! This DIY kit is simple enough to be built by 6 years old children.


  • Do It Yourself Wooden Music Box
  • Suitable for age 6 years old and above
  • Come with everything needed to assemble the music box
  • No power or battery needed
  • Learn the mechanism of a wind-up music box
  • Music: Carrying You (From "Castle in the Sky" by Studio Ghibli)

Packing List:

  • Wooden parts for the music box
  • Wood glue
  • Some screws
  • Some double-sided tape
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Music instrument
  • 1 x Mirror
  • 1 x Filer for sanding


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  • Model: wooden music box
  • Brand: Generic3