Garden 4-in-1 Sensing Device

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Garden 4-in-1 Sensing Device


Don't know how to take care of plants ?

Tired of seeing your plants die ?

Now you will never have to see your favorite plants wither away again...

GardenGeek incorporates light, water, temperature and fertilizer sensors to monitor your plants’ needs in real-time. Use our free GardenGeek App on your smartphone to connect wirelessly to your device. Since each plant species has different needs, our app’s database contains over 5000 different plant species. Simply connect and find the optimal growing conditions for each of your plants to flourish.

Also, the GardenGeek App enables you to use the “Leaf Filter” to identify unknown plant species, record and track your plants’ growth over time using the growth diary as well as access many more practical tips.

**Frequent switching between plants results in a gap in the historical data required for determining adequate light conditions

Download the "flower care" app from the app store and connect the device. Plug & Play basically.


Product Model: HHCCJCY01HHCC
Applicable Standards: Q/CYHHC0001 - 2015
Dimensions: 120.5 X 24.5 X 12.5 mm
Bluetooth Version :4.1
Power Source: 3V
Battery Model: CR2032

What's in the box ?

1 x Garden 4-in-1 sensor 


Instructions Setup (PDF)

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  • Model: Garden 4in1 Sensing Device
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