10 Pairs(20Pieces) MC4 Pin Inside Metal Core Male and Female Use for Solar Cable MC4 Connectors

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Metal Core Used for Solar Cable Connection using MC4 terminal Pin for PV Pin 
MC4 Connectors are incredibly common on solar panels.  Generally, on most solar panels, there are two wires coming off the back of the panel and terminating with a male and female MC4 connector.  In order to extend these wires to reach your charge controller, you'll need to crimp MC4 connectors to make solar panel extension wires


Solar panel connector : fully Compatible with MC4 connector
Resistance less than 0.4mm
Pin dimensions 4mm sq
Wire size range 2.5mm sq 4.0mm sq 6.0mm sq
A lot 10 pairs (10 pcs female and 10 pcs male) (don't include MC4 connector)

Package Includes:

10 x male MC4 cores
10 x female MC4 cores
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  • Model: 10 pair MC4 cores
  • Brand: Generic1