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  • HifiBerry Acrylic case for DAC+ (RCA) and Digi+ (HBerry clear case)
    Please note: Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry boards not included

    This is a simple laser-cut clear acrylic case for the Raspberry Pi and HiFiBerry DAC (RCA version) or Digi.

    Guides available on the official HifiBerry site
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  • Jagged Design Acrylic Case for Raspberry Pi 2/3 model B and B+ (JD Acrylic case RPi)
    Acrylic case locally designed and laser cut by Jagged Design
    Raspberry Pi NOT INCLUDED

    Colour: Clear - Remove protective film to reveal the clear parts
    The top cover can be opened, for ease of use and convenience when working on projects
    Keep your Raspberry Pi® computer safe and sound in this clear acrylic enclosure.
    This case was designed easy to assemble and perfect for any use.

    This enclosure is not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 1 Model A, A+ or B.

    The case comes as 6 pieces that slide together and secure with four screws.
    Open access to all the ports on the Pi.
    The case has slots to allow sufficient ventilation.

    Package includes:

    1 x Acrylic Case in 6 parts(This is a DIY kit meaning assembly is required)

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  • Jagged Design Acrylic Clear Case for Arduino UNO R3 (JD Uno Clear Case)
    Acrylic board locally designed and laser cut by Jagged Design

    Colour: Clear - Remove protective film to reveal the clear parts.


    Material: Acrylic clear
    For Arduino UNO R3 and compatibles
    Assembly required

    Package includes:

    1 x DIY Acrylic Case in 6 parts
    4 x standoffs with screws and nuts
    4 x case screws and nuts
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  • Jagged Design Experimental Platform For Arduino UNO R3 (JD exp uno)

    Mounting holes for Arduino Uno R3
    Size: 135mm x 102mm
    Ideal for use with Solderless 400 Point Breadboard.(Not included)
    Acrylic board locally designed and laser cut by Jagged Design
    Shadows engraved on board for easy component placing

    Kit includes:

    1 x Acrylic plate
    4 x standoffs
    4 x M2.5x6 screws
    4 x M2.5 nuts
    4 x bumper pads
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  • Transparent Acrylic Case with Cooling System External Fan Raspberry Pi 3/2/B/B+ (laminated case + fan)
    Notice: this acrylic case is a DIY item with loose parts. Assembly required
    This durable plastic raspberry pi case is a perfect fit for your Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B and Raspberry Pi Model B +. 
    This case comes with a Cooling Fan on top for your cooling needs.
    Open ventilation cooling sides provide extreme heat reduction.
    Please REMOVE the PROTECTIVE FILM from both sides of the pieces.
    Raspberry Pi main board not included!!!!
    Installation Guide:  
    1. Mount the bottom cover to the Raspberry Pi 
    2. Install the cooling fan onto the top cover 
    3. Plug the power cable onto the GPIO port (follow instructions on photo) 
    4. Install the top cover 
    5. Red cable connects to pin 2(5V)
    6. Black cable connects to pin 6(ground)
    Package includes: 
    1 x Raspberry Pi case 
    1 x Small Screwdriver 
    1 x Screw Set 
    1 x Raspberry Pi Fan
    1 x Fan cover plate
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