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This ethernet cable gland means you can now use your Raspberry Pi's (or other microcontrollers) ethernet from a waterproof or IP rated box!
R120.04  Inc VAT
For use with arcade joysticks that use header cables
R64.90  Inc VAT
Add a physical switch to your device or project.
R39.90  Inc VAT
Crimping of 4 pin, 6 pin and 8 pin network/phone connectors.
R329.90  Inc VAT
USB A male to USB A Female Extension 1.8m (USB ext cable 1.8m)
  • Description:

    Extend the reach of your USB devices


    • Type A male to Type A female
    • 1.8m length


    • 1 x USB A male to USB A Female Extension 1.8m
R29.90  Inc VAT
18mm x 37mm Openable Plastic Cable Drag Chain 1M Cable Carrier (18x37 drag chain)
Material: Plastic Nylon
Total length : 1M/1meter
Color: Black
Internal Size : 18 * 37mm (H*W)
External Size : 23.5 * 47mm (H*W)
Bending radius: R38
Semi-closed, outer seal inner open cover
1. Towline can open on each section for easy installation and maintenance. Low noise, wear-resistant, high-speed movement.
2. The Drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, injection molding machines, robots, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouses and so on.
Package Includes:
1 x Drag Chain
R319.90  Inc VAT
15mm x 30mm Nylon Towline Drag Chain Cable Carrier 1m (15x30 drag chain)
MaterialStrengthen Nylon
Inside Diameter15x30mm

Package Includes:
1 x Cable Drag Chain
R249.90  Inc VAT
DEDICATED POWER CORD 3 PIN TO CLOVER (clover power cable 2m)
Dedicated Clover Power Cord
R39.90  Inc VAT
VGA to VGA Cable 2m (SVGA) (vga m2m 2m)


These 2m Super VGA High Resolution VGA Monitor Cables are designed to a provide high quality video connection for your Raspberry Pi, PC, Laptop,  Monitor or TV. The cable is constructed using 28AWG triple mini coaxial  cables which allows them to be used for extended distances. Triple  shielded with braid, foil and drain wire. Our cables are designed for  standard monitors and widescreen LCD’s that require DDC cable.


  • Tested for Compatibility with the Raspberry Pi
  • Premium 15 pin VGA/SVGA
  • Male to Male Cable
  • Quality cable to connect a VGA or SVGA device such as most monitors, projectors, KVM switches and some TVs, to a VGA / SVGA output on a computer.
  • 28AWG Triple Shielded
  • HD 15 - All Data Pins Connected
  • 2m Long
  • Black with Blue


  • 1 x VGA to VGA Cable 2m


  • If you have a VGA monitor, you'll need a HDMI to VGA adapter and a VGA Male to Male Cable to connect your Raspberry Pi.
  •  Pi ==> Adapter ==> VGA Cable ==> Monitor
R59.90  Inc VAT
Discontinued: Waterproof Ethernet Cable Gland - RJ45 Male to RJ45 Female (AW RJ45 waterproof adapter)

This ethernet cable gland means you can now use your Raspberry Pi's (or other microcontrollers) ethernet from a waterproof or IP rated box!

It features a moulded and gland protected female RJ45 ethernet port (for the external surface), and an internal 12cm long RJ45 ethernet male cable for internal box mounting!

The gland is IP45 rated for the internal fixing (the part that fixes to the box) and IP68 rated for the external fixing (the part that encloses the female RJ45 port), and requires an M25 hold drilled into your box for mounting!

Our Panel Mount RJ45 Cable Features:

  • Specially Manufactured for ModMyPi for use with the Raspberry Pi & Other Microcontrollers
  • Colour: Black Body / Grey Cable
  • RJ45 Male Patch Cable to RJ45 Female
  • Length of patch cable 12cm (11cm ~ 13cm). From internal mounting surface to end of RJ45 connector
  • RJ45 Cable OD: 5mm / 8 Cores
  • Waterproofing ~ Inside: IP45 / Outside: IP68
  • Flame Retardant Grade:UL94V-0 5.
  • Transfer Speed:10/100
  • Electronic Performance
    • Current:1.5A
    • Voltage:125VAC,75VAC
    • Insulation Resistance > 500MΩ
    • Max Voltage: AC1000V 50HZ/60HZ @ 1 minute
    • Contact Resistance < 10MΩ
  • Mechnical Performance
    • Insert force:900g
    • Lifetime > 750 Times
  • Material
    • Shell: Nylon PA66 (UL94V-0)
    • Contact Needle OD: 0.5mm - Phosphorus Copper
    • Shield Cover: Nickel Plated over 0.25mm Copper Alloy
    • Gold-plated Contact Needle: 6u"
    • Waterproof Ring: Silica Gel
  • Environment
    • Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 105°
    • Storage temperature: -25°C ~ 85° 3
    • Atmospheric Pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa
    • Humidity: ≤ 90%


Specification Sheet

This ethernet cable gland means you can now use your Raspberry Pi's (or other microcontrollers) ethernet from a waterproof or IP rated box!
R120.04  Inc VAT
5P Cable for Arcade Game Controller Joystick (Joystick ribbon cable)

Length: 20cm
For use with arcade joysticks that use header cables

Package Includes:

1 x 5P Cable
For use with arcade joysticks that use header cables
R64.90  Inc VAT
2 x MF MC4 Male Female solar Cable Connectors (Solar M/F connector set)
Features :
1. Install easily and quickly
2. Waterproof and dustproof
3. Lock provides secure docking


Rated voltage: 1000 V
Rated impulse voltage: 1000 V
Test voltage: 6 kV (50 Hz)
Suitable for cables: 10, 12, 14 AWG (2.5mm/4mm/6mm)
Rated current: 24A - 14 AWG (2.5mm), 30A - 12 & 10 AWG (4mm & 6mm)
Protection grade: IP67
Contact material: Copper, silver-plated
Insulation material: PC/PA
Operating temperature: -40degC ~ +90degC
Safety class: II
Flame class: UL94-V0
Contact resistance: le5mOmega
Insertion / Withdrawal force: le50N / ge50N
Locking system: Snap-in 
Package includes :
2 x Solar Cable M/F Connectors
R49.90  Inc VAT
10pcs 28x28MM Black Self-adhesive Cable TiE-mounts Positioning Pieces (black cable tie mount(10))
Material: Nylon 6.6 & Polyethylene foam with a high performance rubber adhesive.
Color: Black
Base Size: 28x28mm
Height: (approx.) 7.8mm
Max. Tie Size: (approx.) 6mm
Fire Rating: 94-2
The mounts are made of nylon 6.6, which is tough, insulated and chemical resistant.
Easy to install, it can be used for securing various sorts of things by using a cable tie.
Advised to stick the mount after removing the dust from the sticking surface for a better adhesive effect.
Package includes
10 x 28x28mm Self-adhesive Cable Tie Mounts
R42.90  Inc VAT
1M- Gold Plated Digital Toslink SPDIF Audio Optical Fiber Cable (1m fibre optic cable)

Type: Optical Fiber
Compatible with: ADAT, DAW, Dolby Digital, DTS devices with TosLink interface
Gold-Plated ferrule prevents corrosion and provides for maximum for protection of the fiber tip
Toslink Digital Audio Cable provides you the cleanest possible signal, even at extreme volume levels
Connect to your DVD, CD, Mini Disc, DAT other digital audio equipment for clear, full and richly detailed sound
Designed for CD, D/A Converters, Dolby Digital DTS Surround sound receivers, DVD, MiniDisk players and recorders, Pro Audio cards, etc
Digital Audio Cable for use Dolby Digital Receiver, Digital Signal Processor, DAT Machines, Divx Player, DVD player, CD player, DSS receiver, DAT player/recorder, MINI Disc player/recorder, for PS2, for PS3,for  XBox, ALESIS, or any components that use normal full-size TOSLink connectors
Cable Color: Black
Connector Color:Gold

Package Includes:

1 x Toslink SPDIF Audio Optical Cable
R49.90  Inc VAT
MC4T-A1 Solar Branch Cable Splitter MFF FMM (Solar split MFF FMM connector)

1.  Widely used in the connection of MC4 solar connectors for solar system;
2. With the capacity of anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet radiation on the outer cover;
3. To meet the using requirement under bad outdoor conditions;
4. Easy and reliable connection of the solar cables to the pv system (solar panels, inverters).
Product No.: MC4T-A1
Rated Voltage: TUV 1000V DC / UL 600V DC 
Rating Current: 20A~30A
Suitable cable cross sections: 2.5mm2~ 6.0mm2 / 14AWG~ 10AWG 
Pin dimension: 4.0mm 
Proof voltage: DC 8KV(1Min)  
Pollution degree: 2 
Protection class: Class II 
Contact Material: Copper, tin-plated 
Contact Resistance:  5mW 
Connector Material: PPO 
Degree of Protection IP: IP67(IEC 60529)
Temperature Range: -40oc  +85oc 
Flame Class: UL94V - 0 

Package includes:

1 x MC4T-A1 Solar PV MC4 Branch Connector set (1 x MFF and 1 x FMM)
R89.90  Inc VAT
5V/12V Male to Female Barrel Power Extension Cable with Switch 5.5x2.1mm 26cm (barrel switch extension)

Add a physical switch to your device or project. 
This inline manual switch goes between the power source and the device to add a convenient and reliable point of power control

5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel
26cm cable
Add a physical switch to your device or project.
R39.90  Inc VAT
Official Raspberry Pi standard HDMI to mini HDMI Cable 1m White for Zero (Zero white mini HDMI 1m)

The Raspberry Pi Foundation Official HDMI cables are now available from PiShop! Designed to offer optimal performance and functionality from the Raspberry Pi Zero, they're gracefully branded with the Raspberry Pi logo, made with ultra high quality materials and built to a world class specification. Triple layer shielding and nickel plated contacts ensure maximum signal transfer.

The Official Raspberry Pi HDMI Cables Feature:

  • Standard HDMI Male to mini HDMI Male
  • 30/6.0 HDMI cable full 19+1pins, 30AWG, 6.0MM
  • Nickel Plated Contacts for Optimal Contact Performance, Maximum Signal Transfer and Corrosion Resistance
R44.90  Inc VAT
RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 Network Cable Crimping Tool (Network Cable Crimping Tool green)
Net weightapprox 335g
MaterialCarbon Steel
Unit Dimension195*70mm
Packing Dimension260*130mm

1. Portable
2. Won't damage the shelled-wire and works with high efficiency
3. Press mouth hard and durable
4. While using press-pliers,just insert the crystal top into its position and press it.

4P:Earpiece crystal head press
6P:Telephone crystal head press
8P:Net wire crystal head press

1×Net Cable Crimper
Crimping of 4 pin, 6 pin and 8 pin network/phone connectors.
R329.90  Inc VAT
Genius DX120 Black Mouse wired 3 Button With Scroll (Genius DX120 Mouse wired )
Genius DX120 Black Mouse - 3 Button With Scroll, Optical Sensor, Ambidextrous Design, Supports USB Interface, Retail Box , 1 year Limit warranty

Product Overview
The Genius DX 120 Classic Wired Optical Mouse is a new identity with a smooth touch of metallic design for a visual experience. Plug n Play Style Compatible with Window 10 and Mac

• High performance and with precision of up to 1000 DPI
• Plug-n-play with USB port
• Works with Windows 10 & Mac
• Full size comfort, ambidextrous design

• Comfort contour design
• Great for either hand
• Premium Design
• Up to 1000 DPI
• Solid constructed Rugged Mouse Structure
• Compatible with Window 10

• Stock Code- GEN-DX120
• Description - Genius DX 100 Classic Wired Optical Mouse
• Sensor engine: Optical
• Number of Buttons: 3 (left, right, middle button with scroll)
• Buttons type: Pressed buttons
• Scroll type: Wheel
• Device interface: USB
• Form factor: Ambidextrous
• Ergonomic Fit Symmetrical
• Movement detection technology: Optical
• Resolution: 1000 DPI
• Cable length: 1.5m
• Colour: Calm black
• Unit dimensions (W x H x D): 105 x 37 x 60 mm
• Unit weight: 85g

R79.90  Inc VAT
One Roll 8 Colors 30AWG Wrapping Wire Tinned Copper Solid PVC insulation (multi colour wrapping wire)


  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Total length of about 280M Line: 30AWG
  • Single sheath outer diameter of about: 0.55mm, copper core diameter of about 0.25mm.
  • Temperature: 80 degrees, single-strand copper crossing tin, have antioxidant effects.


  • 1 x PCB Test Core Line Single Tinned Copper Wire 8-color Board Cable Roll
R179.90  Inc VAT
SparkFun Hydra Power Cable (sparkfun hydra cable)

The Hydra breaks out the 5V and GND lines from your USB power supply, computer or otherwise into three connectors: Barrel Plug, JST and alligator clips!

Behold, the Hydra! This USB power cable probably looks a lot like something you've hacked together before. We do it all the time, because what is a computer if not a 5V power supply that happens to run software?

The clips are shrouded to avoid shorts and the barrel plug is center positive. The cable is 6 feet long overall which give you plenty of room to work.

Remember that USB power does have its limitations. Most USB hosts will only provide between 100 and 500mA at 5VDC.

R99.90  Inc VAT
50cm DuPont line HX2.54 4pin to 6pin White Terminal stepper Motor Connector cable (stepper cable 4 to 6pin)
  • Four-lead motor connector XH2.54 white terminal 4pin-6pin motor line   
  • 3D Printer Stepper Motor Line   
  • Connector : 4pin to 6pin   
  • Length: 50cm  

Package Includes:   

1 x 3D Printer Stepper Motor Line 50cm Length
R44.90  Inc VAT
100K ohm 100cm NTC Thermistors with cable for Reprap Mend glass sealed thermistor 3950 Resistant hotend sensor (thermistor cable)

(1) Electrical characteristics
A: Resistance value: R(25°C)=100K±1%
B: B Value: B=3950±1% (calculated from resistance value at 25°C and 50C)
C: Insulation resistance 50MΩ or over by DC500V megger (between glass and lead wire)
(2) Thermal time constant (τ): τ≤10~17s (in still air)
(3) Thermal dissipation constant (δ): δ=1.1~1.6mW/°C (in still air)
(4) Operating temperature range:-50~+260°C
Package Includes:
1 x  NTC Thermistor with cable
R46.90  Inc VAT
USB A to USB B Arduino Uno/Mega USB cable 30cm (uno/mega cable 30cm)
Arduino Uno/Mega USB cable 30cm USB A to USB B Blue
R28.90  Inc VAT
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