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Solder Iron Tip Steel Cleaning Wire Ball (Solder clean ball)
Description :

Solder cleaning wire, which is an upgrade from typical sponge or water cleaning techniques. These Cleaning Wire Balls are hard enough to remove debris and some corrosion from the solder tips while being soft enough not to damage the tip. They help to remove oxides and excess solder to preserve tip life and enable clean, precise soldering.

Features :

1. Made of high quality material, reliable in performance
2. Easy to clean soldering head without water
3. Remove residues quickly and effectively
4. It does not damage soldering head
5. Durable for long use
6. Avoid soldering tin from splashing everywhere

Specifications :

1. Material : Steel
2. Smokeless : Yes
3. Non-toxic : Yes

Package includes :

1 x Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Ball

Introduction to soldering
Video: How to solder properly
The secrets to good soldering
R48.90  Inc VAT
CMT Welding Soldering Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Gold Cleaning Wire with Stand (solder tip cleaner pot)

No water necessary, maintain temperature for the iron to faster work cycle.
It cleans better than conventional sponges.
Specifications :

Color : Gold
Size : 70mm x 69mm x 69mm
Package includes : 
R179.90  Inc VAT
0.4 mm MK8 Nozzles & 10PCS 0.4 mm Needles &1PCS Tweezer Stainless Steel Nozzle Cleaning Tool Kit For 3D Printer (nozzles, needles, tweezer cleaning kit )

3D printer extruder nozzles:

The 3D printer nozzles are made of fine quality brass material, sturdy and durable; Compatible with 3D printer Makerbot Creality CR-10, MK8 Makerbot Reprap Prusa I3, and fit for all 1.75 mm PLA ABS 3D printer.

Stainless steel needles:
10 Pieces of 0.4 mm diameter needles are made of flexible stainless steel, and it is good for gentle maintenance of your nozzles and hard-to-reach places like the feed gears.

3D printing tweezers are good for nozzle maintenance and cleaning excess support material.
It is anti-static, non-magnetic curved precision tweezers.

Color: gold
Material: brass
Hexagon diameter: 6 mm
Screw thread: M6
Input diameter: 1.75 mm
Output diameter: 0.4 mm
Quantity: 10 pieces in total

Package contents:
10 x 0.4 mm Nozzle print head
10 x 0.4 mm Needles in bottle
1 x Tweezers

Warm notes:
Small parts, please keep away from children.
R127.90  Inc VAT
Nozzle Cleaning Stainless Steel Needles 0.4mm 5pcs (0.4mm SS nozzle needles)
Nozzles getting clogged is a common issue after long printing runs, especially nozzle sizes below 0.5mm. This non-breakable stainless steel needle is specially designed for clearing the 0.4mm nozzle blockage without detaching the nozzle at all. Make sure the hotend is heated up before insert this needle.

If your nozzle clogging issue still exists frequently after several clearing processes, a new nozzle replacement is needed for this case. 


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Flexible bending
  • Non-breakable
  • Precise diameter size, +- 0.01mm

What's in the box?

5 x 0.4mm Nozzle Cleaning Stainless Steel Needles
1 x Clear plastic tube with a blue lid
R38.90  Inc VAT
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