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Panasonic CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries (CR2032 coin battery)
Replacement battery for OSMC remote.

Product Details:

Lithium Coin Button Battery, CR Series

CR type lithium button batteries offer long shelf life and are ideal for items such as watches, memory support, cameras and wearable electronics. Mercury free.

Key Features
  1. Non-rechargeable lithium coin cells
  2. CR type suitable for intermittent high load applications
  3. Long shelf life
  4. Commonly used in applications like watches, calculators, remotes and cameras
Coin & Button Cells, Lithium

All cells in this range have a voltage of 3V.

Technical specification for all types
TypeDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
R14.90  Inc VAT
LilyPad Coin Cell CR2032 Battery Holder (switch wearable CR2032 holder)

Sure, your flashing, chip-tune playing t-shirt is really cool at the party... but at some point you need to turn it off. And yes, you could just pull the battery, or maybe you've even sewn a LilyPad slide switch in-line. Wouldn't it be nice if there was just a switch on the battery? Well look no further.

This LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder has a small slide switch installed on the board, in-line with the power so you can shut off your project and save batteries. This slide switch is the same as is found on the LilyPad slide switch board, so it's not easy to accidentally turn off or on.

Just like the original Coin Cell Battery Holder, this simple board holds a 20mm coin cell battery (such as a CR2032) and gives you 4 connection points (two positive and two negative) for sewing into your project.

Package Includes:

1 x LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder CR2032 Battery Mount Module
R13.90  Inc VAT
Maxell CR2025/C1 coin battery (Maxell CR2025 coin battery)

 CR2025 button battery cells can also be used in other electronic devices such as calculators, keyless remote entry systems for cars and homes, medical equipment, hand-held electronic devices, and as batteries in cameras, audio books, games, toys, and more. 

What's in the box?

1 x CR2025 coin battery
R12.90  Inc VAT
Coin CR2450 Lithium Battery for Sonoff Zigbee range (Zigbee CR2450 coin battery)

 Coin CR2450 Lithium Battery

  • Lithium coin cells are used in watches, cameras, and computer memory applications
  • For use with the Sonoff Zigbee range
  • Dimensions 24mm x 5.0mm
R34.90  Inc VAT
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