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Copper and Zinc Plate Battery Experiment Kit (DIY fruit battery)

Do you know that fruits can produce electricity? When two different metals are placed in a common conducting solution which in this case, the juice inside the fruits, electricity will be produced. This is the basis of the electrochemical cell or wet cell. If you have a piece of fruit, a couple of copper and zinc plates, and some wire, then you can generate enough electricity to turn on an LED! Making a fruit battery is fun, safe, and easy.

Watch a video on this kit at

Get this kit to keep your kids occupied with hands-on activities while enjoying the new knowledge while having fun! This DIY kit is simple enough to be built by 4 years old children, with parent's help. And children 6 years old and above can build it by themself! Let them explore electricity at a young age! You can also let your kids understand how an electrochemical cell or wet cell works. Awesome!

Note: The fruits used in this project SHOULD NOT be eaten. Care should be taken when handling the metal electrodes, LED and alligator clips.

The experiment can be conducted with various types of fruits:


  • Do It Yourself wooden kit - Solar-powered fan for kids
  • Simple and yet educational
  • Suitable for age 4 years old and above
  • Come with everything needed to assemble as a solar-powered fan.
  • Powered by fruit electrolytes
  • No soldering is needed
  • Learn about basics of the electrochemical cell or wet cell

What's in the box?

  • 3 x Copper plates
  • 3 x Zinc plates
  • 3 x Red alligator clips
  • 3 x Black alligator clips
  • 2 x Jumper wires
  • 2 x Red LED
  • 1 x Flat white connector
  • 1 x Digital clock


R79.90  Inc VAT
Dual Experimental kit RPI and Uno (Dual experimental board kit)


This is an Experimental Platform For Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B and B and Arduino UNO R3
With Breadboard, Male to Female jumper cables,  T type 40Pin  GPIO, Ribbon Cable.

Package includes:

1 x Acrylic Platform (with Installation screws pack)
1 x Breadboard 800
10 x Male to Female jumper cables (Length: 25cm±2cm)
1 x T type 40Pin GPIO
1 x 40 pin ribbon Cable (20cm±2cm Length)
R349.90  Inc VAT
Solar Panel Physical Science Experiment Educational Kit (Solar edu kit)
Solar Panel Physical Science Experiment Teaching Tools Educational Kids Toy Basic Circuit Electricity Learning Physics Toy.

Description :

Cool and basic solar  science experiment for the beginner. Simply connect the parts and see the magic of solar power. 

What's in the box?

1 x Connection board with solar panel
1 x Connection board with Motor
1 x Jumper cables for connection boards
1 x Propeller (Colour of propeller is random)

R139.90  Inc VAT
Solar Experimenters Kit For micro:bit (Solar Experimenters Kit)


The MonkMakes Solar Experimenters Kit for micro:bit is a project kit that allows you to experiment with harvesting energy from the sun and other light sources. It consists of a solar panel to harvest the energy, a solar store that stores the harvested energy, and a low energy light bulb and a motor that can be driven with the energy that you harvest.


There are three projects that introduce energy harvesting without the micro:bit, followed by 3 bigger projects that use the micro:bit (not provided) as an intelligent controller. The micro:bit monitors and manages the charging and discharging of the solar store.

With this project kit you will learn all about how tiny amounts of energy can be harvested from the sun and stored for later use, using a practical and experiment-led approach.

What's in the Box ?

1 x 10v Solar Panel 
1 x Solar Store Board 
1 x 3v LED light bulb
1 x Set of alligator clip leads (10 leads)
1 x Small motor with fan
1 x Booklet (A5)


- Instructions (PDF)

- Data Sheet (PDF)

Lessons Plans are available here:


R899.90  Inc VAT
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