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Enc28j60 Network Adapter Module For Raspberry Pi Zero (3B4 zero ethernet board)
Raspberry Pi Zero and cables are not included.


The Pi zero Enc28j60 is a simple Network Adapter module for Pi zero.
It is very easy to assemble and configure. 
It allows your Raspberry Pi zero to access the network.


1. Easy to assemble and setup
2. Official OS overlay support
3. Stable and fast

How to configure it:

1. Install the NIC module into the raspberry Pi.
2. Connect the network cable and ensure that your router supports DHCP.
3.Burn the Raspbian image to TF card.
4. Edit the /boot/config.txt file with your favorite editor such as "Nano" or "vim.tiny", and add the following parameter: 
Then save and exit. Reboot the raspberry Pi.

NOTE: The module has been tested only in the Raspbian OS environment.

How to check if network adapter works:

Open a terminal and type this command: ifconfig

Package includes:

1x Pi zero Enc28j60 Network Adapter Module
R259.90  Inc VAT
Revolution Pi DIO - Digital I/O expansion module (RevPi Digital IO)

Using the digital I/O - module RevPi DIO your Revolution Pi system can be expanded by 14 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs. This expansion module is connected to your base module by the means of the overhead PiBridge plug.

 The required PiPridge Plug (Item No.: 100204) and a set of 14-pole PCB female connectors (Item No.: 200030) are already included in the scope of delivery of this expansion module.

Compatible base modulesRevPi Core 3 (Article No. 100257)
RevPi Core (Article No. 100102)
RevPi Connect (Article No. 100274)
No. of Inputs14
No. of Outputs14
Power supply24V
IP codeIP20

Housing dimensions (H x W x D)
96 x 22.5 x 110.5 mm
Housing type
DIN rail housing (for DIN rail version EN 50022)
Housing material
approx. 100 g / 130 g (incl. connectors)
IP Code
Power supply
12-24 V DC -15% / +20% (X2 and X4) 1
Max. power consumption
1.5 Watt (X4/power supply)
Operating temperature
-40 °C....+55 °C
Storage temperature
-40 °C....+85 °C
Humidity (at 40°C)
93% (non-condensing)
2 x 4-pole screw-type terminal for power supply
2 x 14-pin socket connectors with spring clamp contacts (0.2 - 1.5 mm²) for IOs, pitch 3.5 mm (Wieland Item No. 27.630.4453.0)
Optical indicator
3 status LEDs (bi-color)
Number of digital input channels
Input type
Galvanically isolated from the system bus and from the outputs, individually configurable as direct digital input, counter rising edge, counter falling edge or together with neighboured input as encoder 2
Input current limitation
2.4 mA (at 24 V power supply)
Input thresholds
At 24 V compatible according to EN61131-2 to Type I and III sensors
Digital debounce circuit
Collectively adjustable for all inputs: off, 25 μs, 750 μs or 3 ms
Maximum frequency resolution of the counter inputs
2 kHz (corresponding to 500 Hz encoder sequence)
For auxiliary voltages below 19 V and below 9 V,
Input protection
According to EN 61131-2 (IEC 61000-4-4, -5, -6, and -2) against overvoltage, negative voltages, burst, surge, ESD, RFI
Number of digital output channels
Output type
Galvanically isolated from the system bus and the inputs,
individually configurable as direct digital output with high-side
or push-pull drivers as well as a PWM output 3
Maximum current per output
500 mA (high-side mode), 100 mA (push-pull mode)
PWM frequency
Collectively selectable for all outputs: 40 Hz, 80 Hz, 160 Hz,
200 Hz, 400 Hz 3
Thermal shutdown or short circuit of outputs (individually for each output)
Dual watchdog function
In the event of communication failure with the controller (after 50 ms) or internal communication with the CPU (after 9 ms, hardware-controlled), the outputs are reseted to zero
Output protection
According to EN 61131-2 (IEC 61000-4-4, -5, -6, and -2) against short circuit, overload, external voltage, negative voltages, burst, surge, ESD, RFI
Compatible modules for system expansion
All RevPi base module, expansion modules and RevPi Gate
modules (connected via overhead PiBridge connector)
Protection of the power supply inputs
Reverse polarity protected, overvoltage protection
CE conformity
RoHS conformity
Surge/Burst tests
Passed (according to EN61131-2 and IEC 61000-6-2)

Technical data also available in pdf format:

Tutorials available at

R3,379.90  Inc VAT
Revolution Pi Analog I/O expansion module (RevPi Analog I/O)

Using the analog I/O - module RevPi AIO your RevPi base module can be expanded by 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs and 2 RTD input channels. This expansion module is connected to your base module by the means of the overhead PiBridge plug. Inputs, RTD inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated to each other. Differential inputs eliminate ground loops.

Analog input range/options: +/- 10 V, 0 – 10 V, 0 – 5 V, +/- 5 V, 0 – 20 mA, 0 – 24 mA, 4 – 20 mA, +/- 25 mA

Analog outputs range/options: 0 – 5 V, 0 – 10 V, +/- 5 V, +/- 10 V, 0 – 5,5 V, 0 – 11 V, +/- 5,5 V, +/- 11 V, 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 20 mA, 0 – 24 mA

The 2 RTD inputs enable temperatures to be measured with high precision from -165°C to +600°C in steps of 0.5°C using common RTDs sensors like Pt100/Pt1000 probes. The probes can be connected directly to the module with 2, 3 or 4 cables.

Just like the digital IO modules, RevPi AIO is protected against disturbances according to EN61131-2 and can be operated between -40 and +50°C ambient temperature and up to 80% relative humidity. It is also protected against static discharges, burst and surge impulses in accordance with EN61131-2 requirements.

The required PiPridge Plug (Item No.: 100204) and a set of 14-pole PCB female connectors (Item No.: 200030) are already included in the scope of delivery of this expansion module.

Compatible base modulesRevPi Core 3 (Article No. 100257)
RevPi Core (Article No. 100102)
RevPi Connect (Article No. 100274)
No. of Inputs4
No. of Outputs2
No. of RTD channels2
Power supply24V
IP codeIP20

Housing dimensions (H x W x D)
96 x 22.5 x 110.5 mm
Housing type
DIN rail housing (for DIN rail version EN 50022)
Housing material
approx. 115 g
IP Code
Power supply
12 - 24 V (-15%/+20%)
Current consumption
max. 200 mA at 24V (full load)
max. 400 mA at 12V (full load)
max. 500 mA during start up
Operating temperature
-30…+55 °C
Storage temperature
-40…+85 °C
Humidity (at 40 °C)
93 % (non-condensing)
Voltage measuring range
±10 V | ±5 V | 0…10 V | 0…5 V
Current measuring range
0…20 mA | 0…24 mA | 4…20 mA | ±25 mA
Temperature measuring range
-200…+850 °C
Voltage output range
±10 V | ±11 V | ±5 V | ±5.5 V | 0…10 V | 0…11 V |0…5 V | 0…5.5 V
Current output range
0…20 mA | 0…24 mA | 4…20 mA
Number of input channels
for voltage max 4
for current max 4
for RTD (Pt100/Pt1000) 2
Number of output channels
for voltage max 2
for current max 2
Galvanic isolation
Input to Input No
Input to Output Yes
Output to Output No
System bus to inputs/outputs Yes
Input type
Voltage/current - differential
RTD 2-, 3-, 4-wire
Output type
single ended, common ground, short-circuit proof
ADC type
24 bit ΔΣ
DAC type
16 bit
Input resolution in process image
Voltage 1 mV (16 bit)
Current 1 μA (16 bit)
Temperature 0.1 K (16 bit)
Output resolution in process image
Voltage 1 mV (16 bit)
Current 1 μA (16 bit)
Max. overall input error (at 25 °C ambient temperature)
Voltage (for all ranges) ±10 mV (±5 mV @ 0…5 V range)
Current (for all ranges) ±20 μA (±24 μA @ 0…24 μA range)
Temperature (for complete range) ±0.5 K
Max. overall input error (for -30…+55 °C ambient temperature)
Voltage (for all ranges) ±10 mV
Current (for all ranges) ±72 μA
Temperature (for complete range) ±1.5 K
Max. overall output error (at 25 °C ambient temperature)
Voltage (for all ranges) ±15 mV
Current (for all ranges) ±20 μA
Max. overall output error (for -30…+55 °C ambient temperature)
Voltage (for all ranges) ±15 mV
Current (for all ranges) ±72 μA
Input conversion time (data rate in process image)
8…1000 ms (adjustable)
Output data rate
1 PiBridge cycle
Output slew rate
Adjustable digital slew rate control - 1 [email protected] kHz up to 128 [email protected] kHz
Input impedance
Voltage >900 kΩ
Current <250 Ω
Output impedance
Voltage <16 Ω
Max. capacitive load 5 nF @ 1 kΩ
Max. load resistance for current output
600 Ω
Min. load resistance for voltage output
1 kΩ
Further features
All inputs and outputs are linear scalable
Overtemperature monitoring
Overcurrent monitoring
Range monitoring
Optical indicator
3 status LEDs (bi-color)

Technical data also available in pdf format:

Tutorials available at

R5,799.90  Inc VAT
5V 1 Channel Level Trigger Optocoupler Relay Module (2A6 single relay red board)

The module uses a quality relay with a normally open interface
Using SMD optocoupler isolation, driving ability, stable performance
The module can be set high or low with a jumper setting trigger
Fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not operate
A power indicator (green) and a relay status indicator (red)


Maximum load: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A
Trigger current: 5mA
Working voltage: 5V
Module size: 50mm x 26mm x 18.5mm (L x W x H)
Four mounting bolt holes, diameter 3.1mm

Module interface:

DC+: positive power supply (VCC)
DC-: negative power supply (GND)
IN: can be high or low level to control the relay

Relay outputs:

NO: normally open
COM: Common Interface
NC: normally closed

High and low level trigger options:

It is low level trigger when jumper connects to LOW pin
It is high level trigger when jumper connects to HIGH pin

Package includes:

1 x 1 Channel H/L level trigger optocoupler relay module

Interfacing with a relay
R29.90  Inc VAT
3.3-5V 3-Wire Vibration Sensor Module (3 wire vibration sensor)
Comparative output, clean signal, good waveform, strong driving ability, more than 15mA.
Working voltage: 3.3V to 5V
Output form: digital switch output (0 and 1)
Equipped with fixed screw hole, easy to install
PCB board size: 32mm x 14mm
Uses the LM393 wide voltage comparator

When the VCC and GND are connected, the power indicator will light up.

Put the module on the desktop, adjust the blue potentiometer on the board until the on-board switch indicator lights up, and then slightly turn back the potentiometer untill the indicator light turns off. Hit the desktop with your hand so the vibration shocks the sensor, the indicator light will go on. Vibration stops, indicator light will turn off.

Module connection details:
1. VCC: connect power positive
2. GND: connect power negative
3. DO: digital signal output
It is used for all kinds of vibration triggering, theft alarm, intelligent car, electronic building block.....
Please note that the trigger time is short when small vibration is induced, not enough to drive the relay.

Raspberry Pi Python example

Package includes:
1 x Vibration sensor module
R14.90  Inc VAT
GY-Openlog Cleanflight Naze32 F3 Blackbox Flash Recorder Module (3A5 data logger)
This product is a data logger that can record data on a memory card through the uart universal serial port. This function is similar to a black box to record the data sent from the main device to the serial port and save the data as text on the memory card. This product can be used for the flight control board with cleanflight firmware. It is connected to the corresponding serial port. By setting the cleanflight configurator of the host computer software, the important operating data of the drone can be recorded on the memory card. And through the Blackbox flight data recorder software flight record playback analysis.
Note: After inserting the memory card for the first time, the config.txt file will be generated on the memory card, which includes the baud rate parameter of the serial port. This parameter can be modified. Please connect the flight controller or the serial port of the main circuit. The baud rate is consistent with the baud rate of the recorder.
Input voltage 3.3V~12V (3.3V~5V recommended)
Memory format is FAT32, supports up to 64GB of memory
UART serial interface
Adjustable baud rate
The default bootloader is pro mini atmega328P 5V 16mhz
Technical Parameters:
1. Support storage to fat16/fat32 format tf card, storage capacity up to 32G
2. Has a simple command line interface
3. Change the config file in the tf card on the computer (if it is a new card, the config file will be automatically created when the card is first powered on after the card is inserted), and you can change settings, such as the baud rate. You don't need to buy any special tools to change the serial settings to use your needs.
4. Three modes: new, add, command
5. Baud rate can be set to 300-1000000bps
6. Ensure that the minimum connections to run are vcc, gnd, rx
7. Two led lights indicate the operating status
8. The input voltage is 3.3V to 12V, preferably 3.3 to 5V.
9. Standby current 2ma, maximum recording rate 6ma.
Package includes:
1 x GY-Openlog Cleanflight Naze32 F3 Blackbox Flash Recorder Module
R149.90  Inc VAT
HX711 24bit AD Module + 1kg Aluminum Alloy Scale Weighing Sensor Load Cell Kit (1kg scale load cell)

Size: 33mm x20mm / 1.29 "x0.78"
Range: 1kg
Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +85
Ambient Humidity: 10% -80RH
Voltage range: 2.6 ~ 5.5V

Weight: 32g

Package includes:

1 x Weighing Sensor
1 x HX711 Module

Building a Raspberry Pi weight scale
Python Library
Building an Arduino weight scale
R79.90  Inc VAT
Geekcreit® 100A 22000W Power Monitor Module AC Meter Panel 45-65Hz Test Voltage AC 80-260V (2C3 AC power meter)
1. This module is suitable for indoor use only.
2. Applied load can not exceed the rated power.
3. The wiring order can not be wrong.
4. This is an entry level measuring solution. Do not expect 100% accuracy.
Apply to power grid voltage range: 110V-220V
Working voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
Test voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
Rated power: 100A / 22000W
Working Frequency: 45-65Hz
Measurement accuracy: 1.0 (Error 1%)
Dimensions of LED display screen: 51 x 30mm
Network voltage direct power supply, no external power supply needed, measurement precision, large-screen LCD liquid crystal screen display clearly.
A. Function
1. electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, power).
2. overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, the backlight and power flicker tips).
3. The power alarm threshold preset function (can set up their own power alarm threshold).
4. Power button clear function.
5. Power-down data storage function.
6. Large-screen LCD screen full display function (display voltage, current, active power, power).
7. Backlight.
B. Display and key
Display voltage, current, power, energy parameters from the large-screen LCD screen simultaneously.
Display Format
1. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 22kW
        1kW display format within 0.0 ~ 999.9W;
        From 1kW display format 1000 ~ 9999W;
        10kW above the display format 10.0 ~ 22.0kW.
2. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 9999kWh
        10kWh within the display format 0 ~ 9999Wh;
        Above 10kWh display format 10 ~ 9999kWh;
3. Voltage: Test Range 80 ~ 260V
          Display Format 80 ~ 220V
4. Current: Test Range 0 ~ 100A
          Display Format 0.00 ~ 99.99A.
Package includes:
1 x 100A Power Monitor Module AC Meter Panel
1 x CT


Why is the test data wrong?  Voltage * Current = Power, But power is less than the actual test voltage * Current, Why is that?

Answer: There are three types of power:

Active Power (P represents / unit W)
Reactive power (Q represents / unit Var)
Apparent power (S represents / unit VA)

Here we only talk about Active Power, for others, please google it:

P = U * I * cosφ, cosφ it represents the power factor, purely resistive load (Such as incandescent, heater, etc.) the power factor is generally close to 1,Between the inductive and capacitive load load power factor 0-1. So purely resistive load test time, P is substantially equal to or close to U * I. When Inductive or capacitive load test (Such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, etc.) P<U*I, As for how much to keep the power factor related to the specific, Different for each appliance power factor. 
R259.90  Inc VAT
WS Barcode Scanner Module, 1D/2D Codes Reader (3B4 barcode scanner)


This is a small 1D/2D codes reader, by using the intelligent image recognition algorithm, it will decode the barcode or 2D code on paper or screen, fast and accurately.

Through the onboard USB and UART interface, it can be directly plugged into a computer, or be easily integrated to kinds of devices due to its small form factor.


  • Easy to use, requires no knowledges of image recognition
  • Decodes various common 1D/2D codes such as Barcode, QR code etc.
  • Onboard micro USB and UART serial port, allows to connect with computers or embedded devices
  • Configurable via scanning 'configuration code'
  • Onboard light source, works in the dark


  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Operating current: 135mA (scanning), 58mA (standby), 2mA (sleep)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C~60°C
  • Operating humidity: 5%~95% (Non-condensing)
  • Communication interface: UART, USB
  • Decodes 1D codes: Codebar, Code 11, Code 39/Code 93, UPC/EAN, Code 128/EAN128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, MSI Code, Industrial 2 of 5, GS1 Databar(RSS)
  • Decodes 2D codes: QR code, Data Matrix, PDF417
  • Light source: white
  • Scan angels: roll 360°, skew ±65°, pitch ±60°
  • Field of view: 28° (horizontal), 21.5° (vertical)
  • Dimension: 53.3mm x 21.4mm

Development Resources

Wiki :

R579.90  Inc VAT
25A MOSFET High Power Heated Bed Expansion Power Module MOS Tube for 3D Printer (2 units) (3B6 twin Mosfet board 3d print)

This module is based on power MOSFET and will allow PID control of the heated bed (DC-DC Relays usually do not allow this)
If your total power usage is 240W, and you have a 12V power supply, that means at least 20A (20X12 = 240W) is required.
Since the controller board can only set 15A, this setting will not work. To make it work, you need this extra power module.
Under normal cooling conditions, the module found stable operation with I(Max) = 25A, and the current used should not exceed 25A.
If you plan to use a heated bed with a 3D printer that uses a 12V power supply, this module is recommended for you.

- Universal heated bed power expansion high power module for 3D printers.
- Can be used on Chitu motherboards and other open 3D printer motherboards.
- Helps 3D printers equipped with controller boards (up to 15A) become even more powerful.
- With this additional module, the maximum current on the board can reach 25A.

1. Colour: Black
2. Maximum current: 25A (enhanced heat dissipation)
3. Size: about 6 x 5 x 3.1cm 
4. Mounting holes: 3.2mm diameter, for M3 screws

Package Includes:

2 x
Heated bed power modules with cables

R229.07  Inc VAT
9-50V 2000W 40A DC Motor Speed Control Module PWM HHO RC Controller (3B6 black 9-50V speed controller)

Power requirement: 9-50V
DCRated current: 40A(Maximum output current)
Frequency: 12000HZ
Control Motor Power: 0.01-2000W
Working voltage 12V: 480W (max)
Working voltage 24V: 960W (max)
Working voltage 36V: 1440W (max)
Working voltage 50V: 2000W (max)
Regulation range: 5-100%
PCB Size: Approx. 9 x 5.1cm / 3.55 x 2.01 inch
Case size: Approx. 10.5 x 5.5 x 4cm / 4.0 x 2.17 x 1.6 inch

Package included:

1 x DC Motor speed controller
R179.90  Inc VAT
Ethernet Control Module With 8 CHs Relay Board For LAN WAN WEB Server RJ45 Android iOS (2B6 Ethernet relay bord)
This is an Ethernet Controller board based on Imatic system which is compatible with the 8 Channel relay board(included). 
Using the Controller module and the 8 Channel relay board, you can control up to 8 devices remotely on LAN or WAN. 
The Ethernet Controller board has an integrated web server. When you are in your office, you just need to open the page on your computer, pad or smartphone and control your devices eg. lights, air-conditioning or refrigerator in your home.
  • Control switches remotely together with 8 Channel relay.
  • RJ45 interface, via RJ45 telecommunications connection for network control.
  • Support for 8 Channels relay which means you can control 8 different devices at the same time.
  • Unique dual TCP connect control, corresponding with above trait, local as TCP server
  • Accepts client control, when connect to remote server as TCP client
  • Supply core module detailed information. Default IP: port:30000    (You can change the default IP address)
HTTP comments: : Relay-01 OFF : Relay-01 ON : Relay-02 OFF : Relay-02 ON : Relay-03 OFF : Relay-03 ON : Relay-8 OFF : Relay-8 ON : Enter : Exit : Next Page : Next Page

Package includes:

1 x Ethernet Control Module
1 x 8 CH Relay
R659.90  Inc VAT
Nano V3.0 Data Record Logging Shield Module For Arduino Nano (2A6 Nano data logger)
Data logging shield for Arduino NANO 
a new for Arduino NANO shield,You can get going quickly - saving data to files on any FAT16 or FAT32 formatted SD card, to be read by any plotting, spreadsheet or analysis program.
The included Real Time Clock timestamps all your data with the current time, so that you know precisely what happened when!
Please note that this item does not come with an Arduino NANO (you'll need one to use with the shield), or an SD card
SD card interface works with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards. 3.3v level shifter circuitry prevents damage to your SD card
Real time clock (RTC) keeps the time going even when the for Arduino is unplugged. The battery backup lasts for years
Included libraries and example code for both SD and RTC mean you can get going quickly
Prototyping area for soldering connectors, circuitry or sensors.
Onboard 3.3v regulator is both a reliable reference voltage and also reliably runs SD cards that require a lot of power to run
Works with for Arduino NANO or MICRO

How it works

Package Includes:
1 x  Nano Data Logging Shield For Arduino(Battery not included)
R109.90  Inc VAT
DC 12V PIR IR Sensor Module Relay (2B2 12VDC pir relay occupancy)

Based on infrared technology, automatically control products, when someone enters switch sensing range, pir detect changes in the human body infrared spectrum, switch automatically switches the load, do not leave the sensing range (who are active), the switch will continue to be on.

Person leaves, switch off automatically load delay.

Convenient and  saves energy.


1. Bipolar design: three-wire connection, and the load capacity 100W

2. Automatic sensors: switch immediately turned on with delay off after you leave.

3. Relay switch: can withstand high current output, high power load.

4. Adjustable delay time: 10 seconds -350 seconds

5. Ultra Low Power: Switch own power <0.0088W/h (annual power consumption of <0.077 degrees)

6. Induction: Passive

7. Operating Voltage: DC 12V

7. Inductive mode: passive infrared pyroelectric

6. Quiescent Current: 50uA

7. Sensing Distance: 3 to 5m

8. Load Capacity: Maximum: 100W

9. Induction Angle: About 120°, 100 ° up and down

10. Load Range: Various types of DC LED lamps, load

11. Ambient Temperature: -20 to +50℃

12. Output Mode: Relay control output DC 12V high level / low level

13. Size: 45 x 30mm, PIR lens diameter: 12mm

Wiring instructions:

Red wire: Power input + 12V
Black wire: Power output -12V
Yellow wire: OUT + 12V power output

Package includes:

1 x DC 12V PIR IR Sensor Module Relay
R96.90  Inc VAT
Serial Port WIFI ESP8266 Module Adapter Plate With IO Lead Out For ESP-07 ESP-08 ESP-12 (2A6 ESP breakout board)
This Adapter Plate is for ESP07 ESP08 ESP12, a test board with IO lead out.

Please Note:

You will need to solder 3V regulator by yourself.
  ESP07, ESP08, ESP12 module boards are not included.

Package includes:

1 x Serial Port WIFI ESP8266 Module Adapter Plate
2 x Pin headers
R19.90  Inc VAT
Camera Module for Raspberry Pi Zero without infra-red filter (C3 zero cam NOIR)

This minimal Camera for the Pi Zero is perfect for small camera projects where space is at a premium.

The sensor is 5MP, and the whole shebang is mounted on a flexible circuit board. As such, a little care is needed when handling, just like the connector on the Pi Zero. Easy there Lennie.

Otherwise it's an economical and svelte solution for birdcams, bodycams, home security and simple computer vision projects.

Update: Without an IR filter, which is useful for night vision, especially when using IR lights to illuminate the subject

Only for Raspberry Pi Zero with CSI camera port.

Approx dimensions of camera: 10mm x 11.4mm x 5.1mm

Getting started with PiCamera

R289.90  Inc VAT
12 Key MCU Membrane Switch Keypad 4 x 3 Matrix Array Matrix Keyboard Module (black button keypad)
This high quality 4x3 Keypad Matrix lets you quickly add controls to your electronics projects. It offers 0-9 numerals, standard star(*) and hash(#) symbols.
- 100% brand new and high quality.
- 12 Button Matrix   0-9 # *
- Easy communication with any microcontroller
Package Includes:
1 x 12 Keys Switch Keyboard Module

Overview of matrix membrane and Raspberry Pi
R79.90  Inc VAT
Infinity Cascade GPIO Expansion Board 32 IO Extend Adapter Module For Raspberry Pi (AW Infinity Cascade board)

This module is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi IO expansion Modules, which can effectively solve the issue of Raspberry send IO port. Module uses four 74HC595 chips to expand 32 IO ports, the top of the module will expand the IO of Raspberry Pi again that can be cascaded for more IO expansion modules with theoretically unlimited expansion.

--Expanded 32 GPIO
--Infinity expansion by adding more modules
--Use wiring PI API,sample code
--Raspberry Pi 2*13port
--Raspberry Pi 2*13 cascade port
--Q0-Q31 expanded IO port
Product Parameters:

--Working voltage:2.4v-5v
--IO voltage:3.3v
--Expanded 32 unidirectional IO
--Connection through SPI
--100 MHz (typical) shift out frequency
--8-bit serial input
--8-bit serial or parallel output
--Specified from -40C to +85C and from -40C to +125C

Typical Application:
--Drive a lattice screen
--Driver numeric display
--Drive matrix LED

How to Use:

Insert the module that the silk screen says 'RPI IN'. Pay attention don’t make the direction reversed! The correct direction of insert module is above the Raspberry Pi’s PCB; The 8*4header in the module are Q0-Q31 expanded GPIO, they can connect to the peripheral through the Dupont Line. The header which near silk screen write 'EXT' expand GPIO of Raspberry Pi, user can cascade the other module or the same module.

Package Includes:

1x Raspberry pi IO expansion board
R149.90  Inc VAT
HT16K33 LED Dot Matrix Drive Control Module Digital Tube Driver Development Board (1B3 HT16K33 LED Dot Matrix Driver)

The HT16K33 is a memory mapping and multi-function LED controller driver. The max. Display segment numbers in the device is 128 patterns (16 segments and 8 commons) with a 13*3 (MAX.) matrix key scan circuit. The software configuration features of the HT16K33 makes it suitable for multiple LED applications including LED modules and display subsystems. The HT16K33 is compatible with most microcontrollers and communicates via a two-line bidirectional I2C-bus.


Operating voltage: 4.5V~5.5V.
Integrated RC oscillator.
I2C-bus interface.
16*8 bits RAM for display data storage.
Max. 16 x 8 patterns, 16 segments and 8 commons.
R/W address auto increment.
Max. 13 x 3 matrix key scanning.
16-step dimming circuit.
Selection of 20/24/28-pin SOP package types.


Industrial control indicators.
Digital clocks, thermometers, counters, multi meters.
Combo sets.
VCR sets.
Instrumentation readouts.
Other consumer applications.
LED Displays.

Package included:

1 x Module

Getting Started

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IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Port Module 5V 1602LCD For Display (IB4 serial adapter board)

This is another great IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Interface. As the pin resources of Arduino controller is limited, your project may be not able to use normal LCD shield after connected with a certain quantity of sensors or SD card. However, with this I2C interface module, you will be able to realize data display via only 2 wires. If you already has I2C devices in your project, this LCD module actually cost no more resources at all. It is fantastic for Arduino based project.
I2C Address: 0X20~0X27 (the original address is 0X20,you can change it yourself)
The backlight and contrast is adjusted by potentiometer
Come with 2 IIC interface, which can be connected by Dupont Line or IIC dedicated cable
I2C Address: 0x27 (I2C Address: 0X20~0X27 (the original address is 0X27,you can change it yourself)


Compatible for 1602 LCD
Supply voltage: 5V
Size: 5.5x2.3x1.4cm

Package includes:
1 x serial interface module
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