Industrial Microscope Lens for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera - 0.12-1.8x

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Industrial microscope lens with 100X magnification

It features a knurled adjustment ring to move the main lens for zoom-factor, you then focus by changing the distance to the subject. Kinda the opposite way to the human eye. Spooky!

The satin-black main barrel has a diameter of 39mm nominal for the most part, if you want to build a mount and it comes with 2 lens caps for the top and base. The whole lens is 107mm long.

We recommend plenty of supplementary light on the subject when using this lens. A simple LED torch or maybe a Unicorn HAT on full-beam will usually do the trick.


  • Optical magnification: 0.12X ~ 1.8X
  • Zoom ratio:15:01
  • Image format: 1/2"MountC/CS (C-CS adapter included)
  • Distortion: < -0.1%
  • Operating temperature:-20 ~ +80°C
  • Operating distance:55 ~ 285mm
  • Object Distance:2.4 ~ 36mm
  • Outline dimensions: Φ39 × 112mml
  • ens structure: aluminum alloy + 4 groups 5 elements

 Mounting To The Camera Module

Outline Dimensions

What's in the box ?

1 x Raspberry Pi Lens for High quality camera 

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