Air quality kit for Raspberry Pi

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The MonkMakes Air Quality Kit for Raspberry Pi is based around the MonkMakes Air Quality Sensor board. This add-on for the Raspberry Pi measures the quality of the air in a room (how stale the air is) as well as the temperature. The board has a display of six LEDs that display the air quality and a buzzer. Temperature and air quality readings can be read by your Raspberry Pi, and the buzzer and LED display can also be controlled from it.

The Air Quality Sensor board, plugs directly into the back of a Raspberry Pi 400, but, can also be used with other models of Raspberry Pi, using the jumper wires and GPIO template included in the kit.


This board uses the CCS811 VOC sensor IC and a TMP235 temperature sensor. It also has a rudimentary display and a buzzer.

The board uses a bi-directional UART interface to communicate with the Pi. The board is designed for use with the Raspberry Pi 400, but also works with other models of Raspberry Pi using the jumper wires included in the kit.

- Absolute maximum supply voltage 3.6 V
- Minimum supply voltage 3.0 V
- Typical current consumption 40 mA
- Maximum current consumption 80 mA

- eCO2 minimum reading 400 ppm
- eCO2 maximum reading 4095 ppm
- eCO2 resolution 1 ppm
- eCO2 accuracy unspecified
- Temperature minimum reading -10 deg. C
- Temperature max reading 100 deg. C
- Temperature accuracy /- 2 deg. C

What's in the box?

1 x air quality sensor board
1 x jumper cables
1 x pinout labels board


Instructions (PDF)
Datasheet (PDF)

(* Raspberry Pi400 and Raspberry Pi 4 are not included)

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