Electronics kit 1 for Raspberry Pi Pico

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This low-cost simple to use electronics kit will teach you electronics and coding with your Raspberry Pi Pico. (or Pico with presoldered headers)

Build ten great projects including: A touch switch, a thermometer, a light meter and lie detector and much MORE !


 - Dimensions and Weight (closed box)
 - Units Length 120 mm
 - Width 105 mm
 - Height 35 mm Weight 95 g

What's in the box ?

1 x Solderless Breadboard 400 point
10 x Male to male jumper wires
1 x Micro-servomotor and accessory bag
2 x Strip of 0.1inch 20way header pins
5 x 470Ω resistor
2 x 1kΩ resistor
1 x 4.7MΩ resistor
2 x Red LED
1 x RGB LED (10mm)
2 x Tactile push switch (2 pin)
1 x Phototransistor
1 x Piezo buzzer


Instructions (PDF) 
Datasheet (PDF) 

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  • Model: MM Electronics kit1 Pico
  • Brand: MonkMakes