Monkmakes SSR

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The MonkMakes SSR is a low voltage solid state relay (no moving parts). This makes it super-easy to control loads of up to 2A at 16V from an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other 3 or 5V microcontroller or single board computer.

This modern take on the electro-mechanical relay can even be used for low frequency PWM to control the power to its load.


This relay can be used to switch low voltage devices such as light bulbs, a motor, a small heating element or even a string of 12V LED lighting. The voltage needs to be kept under 16V, but the relay will automatically protect itself against too much current.

• Solid-sate relay up to 2 Amp Peak 1A continuous AC/DC
• Active LED indicator
• Resettable ‘polyfuse’ to protect against over-current
• Great for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
• Suitable for low frequency PWM

What's in the box ?

1 x Monkmakes SSR board



(* ONLY SSR -Solid State Relay - Included - all other products are for reference use only*)
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