PIR Camera Case for Raspberry Pi 4

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The PIR Camera Case makes it easy to create a motion-sensing camera project with your Raspberry Pi 4.

It's the perfect case for anyone wishing to make an indoor security camera, pet monitor, baby monitor, office cam or any other project where you'd like to use a camera module to record whoever (or whatever!) moves in front of your camera. The case comes with the PIR module and wires.

Please note:
Only compatible with the official Raspberry Pi Camera Module Raspberry Pi and camera module not included!

Mounted PIR and Camera Module
The case comes with the PIR module and wires included. The PIR module is neatly mounted to the front of the case and the three PIR wires connect directly to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins (5V, GND and GPIO 17). The camera module (not included) is also mounted to the front of the case, and connected in the usual way (CSI connector), with the ribbon cable neatly tucked into the case. A clear lens ring protects your camera from any unexpected knocks or bumps.

Easy to Code
Coding the project is super-simple, and to help you get started we've created a GitHub repository dedicated to this case. The GitHub repository takes you through setup, basic commands and full Python project examples showing the PIR module and camera working together.

You can expand on these however you like, adding other functions such as cloud storage upload, video effects, alerts and more!

Please remember PIR sensors can be temperamental (and can also be impacted by WiFi, heat and other interference) so will need some tweaking to reduce excessive false triggers.


We include two sets of side panels to make this case compatible with both the Raspberry Pi 4.

In the box

  • Case panels
  • Lens protector ring
  • Fixings pack
  • PIR sensor
  • PIR cable

Example Scripts and Resources

Case Assembly Guide


  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Laser-cut high quality "stealth" matt black perspex
  • PIR module and wires included
  • Camera protection ring
  • Example code available
  • Easy assembly
  • Enables access to all Raspberry Pi ports
  • Includes all required fixings
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note: Raspberry Pi and Camera Module not included. Wall mounting bracket not included.

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  • Model: Pi4 cam case pir
  • Brand: The PiHut