ArduCam 16MP IMX519 Autofocus Camera Module for RPi

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Arducam High-Resolutions Autofocus camera is an exclusive camera board that takes what Raspberry Pi V1, V2, and HQ have to offer, and excels in every single aspect.

It takes zero compromises in specs. With a resolution of 16 megapixels (compared to 8MP and 12MP), an autofocus lens, a V2-like form factor, and boatloads of improvements, the camera provides a better choice for a whole world of industrial/consumer/etc. applications, it’s compatible with any existing Pi models, works with the latest software from the foundation, and leverages the same tuning algorithms used in the official camera modules.

Check out this  review by Jeff Geerling and his video

16MP Camera Module for All Pis.

2 times higher resolution than the v2 camera, 40% higher than the HQ camera. Based on the 16MP Sony IMX519 sensor, this new camera module gives all Raspberry Pi hackers every bit of power they need to build future-proof projects.

V1/V2 Size, with Autofocus.

The community has been craving autofocus in Pi cameras, so Arducam took the advice. This camera has the classic V1/V2 form-factor so you can add hassle-free upgrades to your existing projects, or build new applications with the best flexibility on cameras.

Crisper Images/Videos Than The HQ Camera.

It’s not just the resolution bump, the “quality” is way higher than the HQ Camera too. With the same camera tuning algorithms from the foundation, this module beats the Raspberry Pi HQ camera in every aspect. (sharpness/saturation/exposure/etc.)

Safety instructions

  • Before connecting, you should always power the Raspberry Pi off and remove the power supply first.
  • Make sure the cable on the camera board is locked in place.
  • Make sure the cable is correctly inserted in the Raspberry Pi board’s MIPI CSI-2 connector.
  • Avoid high temperatures.
  • Avoid water, moisture, or conductive surfaces while in operation.
  • Avoid folding, or straining the flex cable.
  • Avoid cross-threading with tripods.
  • Gently push/pull the connector to avoid damaging the printed circuit board.
  • Avoid moving or handling the printed circuit board excessively while it’s in operation.
  • Handle by the edges to avoid damages from electrostatic discharge.
  • Where the camera board is stored should be cool and as dry as possible.
  • Sudden temperature/humidity changes can cause dampness in the lens and affect the image/video quality.



  • Sensor: Sony IMX519 stacked, back-illuminated sensor 16 megapixels 1.22 µm × 1.22 µm pixel size7.103 mm diagonal (Type 1/2.534)
  • Output: RAW10/8, COMP8
  • Lens: Autofocus;  f/1.75; EFL: 4.28; FoV: 80°; Focus Range: 10 cm ~ infinite
  • IR cut Filter: Integrated
  • Tripod mount: 1/4”-20
  • Enclosure: ABS, also compatible w/ camera module v1 & v2.
  • Ribbon Cable Length: 150mm

The new Raspberry Pi OS release includes the new Picamera2 Python camera interface.

What's in the box?

1 x ArduCam 16MP IMX519 Autofocus Camera Module for RPi with case
1 x 15cm ribbon cable



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